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Click here to get easy business loans An easy business loan from https://oakparkfinancial.com/business-loans/easy/ is a friendly loan for advancing your company and boosting business growth. Insufficient finances are often the reason for slow business growth and could negatively affect the development of your company. To avoid that, Good Financefinances consultants have developed a business loan solution that is specifically designed to meet […]

Find out how to finance your co-ownership work?

In France, there are more than 670,000 condominiums, representing more than 7 million homes. Especially located in urban area, a condominium allows to manage a building, as well as the common parts through a union. Sometimes small or big jobs are needed to maintain the building. This work remains the responsibility of the co-owners, who, according to their housing, must […]

A Consumer Credit Without Proof

Consumer credit without proof is consumer credit. Therefore, it is a depreciable loan whose amount can not be less than 200 €, nor exceed 75 000 €. Its repayment duration must be greater than 3 months, but the law does not provide, however, no maximum duration. Consumer credit without receipts is also called the personal loan because to obtain a […]

Repay a loan, account debit alternatives

The most common option to repay a personal loan is the direct debit in a current account, generally the same account used by the customer to receive the sum paid out by the financial company and then used for their own projects. However, there are some alternative solutions for those who do not want or cannot use a bank or […]

Parabank Real Estate Loans

Real estate financing of Parabank Parabank mortgage lending Parabank is one of the most popular mortgage lending partners in Germany. Two-thirds of Germans dream of having their own house. In principle, it is not difficult to obtain a loan from Parabank. The construction financing of Parabank puts your project on a secure footing. more. Replace unattractive Parabank real estate loans […]

Need to Get a Consumer Credit Fast?

Consumer credit is a repayable loan whose amount is between € 200 and € 75,000. The ASF, the French Association of Financial Companies has identified 4 types of consumer credit, which include, the loan assigned, revolving credit, lease with option to purchase and personal loan. Fast consumer credit does not correspond to one type of consumer credit in particular. This […]