‘Yum! looks healthy’: Japanese woman tries palak paneer for the first time, her reaction wins over the internet | Watch

New Delhi: In a video that has gone viral on the internet, a Japanese grandmother can be seen trying palak paneer and vegetable curry for the first time, giving basic Indian dishes her stamp of approval. Testing the aromatic flavors and spices of Indian cuisine was welcomed by many, while some felt like they had never had such an experience before.

In the latest video, the woman tries ‘Palak Paneer and Mix Veg’ for the first time. The video was posted on Instagram by Nisha Zaveri, who runs a catering service in Kobe, Japan.

In the video, a Japanese woman breaks a piece of bread and tries it with a palak paneer. When asked if she liked the food, she said, “Hmmm, yum! What is it made of? “It’s palak paneer. It’s made with spinach and cottage cheese,” her granddaughter replied. “Hmm yum! Sounds healthy,” the grandmother adds.

“A Japanese Grandma’s Reaction Trying Palak Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Curry for the First Time!” the video caption reads.

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This video has gone viral on the internet and so far more than 1600 people have liked it. Netizens showered love on the woman and filled the comments box with hearts and love emojis. One user wrote, “Everyone should at least try real Indian food from India. Not what they serve outside. Another wrote: “She will never eat Japanese again, don’t make her do this.”

It’s always nice to see people from other countries enjoying Indian food and culture. The internet is full of viral videos where foreigners try Indian food for the first time. People recorded their reactions in the camera and shared them on social media.

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