Without food or water for days, Indian students stranded in Ukraine are forced to melt snow

Kyiv: Stranded for days without food or water since the invasion of Ukraine, some of the Indian students at a hostel in the northeastern city of Sumy were seen in a video picking up some snow to melt it into water. According to a report by NDTV, Indian students said that about 800-900 of them have been confined to hostels at Sumy State University Medical Institute for more than a week and they were almost out of food and water.Also Read – India releases helpline number for stranded students waiting to be evacuated from Romania

In a video message, nearly 100 students were seen begging for help from the Indian government to get to Ukraine’s western border, from where they can cross into neighboring countries for a flight home. Also read – ‘Normalize relations with Russia’: Putin urges neighbors not to escalate tensions during Ukraine invasion

“We ask Narendra Modi ji, please get us out of here, otherwise we will be killed. If we get out of here on our own, we will be killed. We ask the Indian government to help us s ‘please,’ the students said in the post. Also Read – IndiGo will operate 12 evacuation flights from neighboring countries of Ukraine until Sunday

Here is the video:

They said nothing had been arranged for them so far. “We saw foreign students leaving Sumy on their own, but they were shot. We have videos to show it,” an Indian student said in the post.

The students in the video message said they expected the Indian government to help them, but they have no information. “Some say that buses are waiting at the Russian border, which is about 50 km from here. If we walk from the hostel, there are snipers in all four directions, everywhere. We fear airstrikes The shelling happens every 20 minutes,” they recalled.

Last week, the Indian embassy warned that intense fighting in Kharkiv, Sumy and Kiev could take place. Meanwhile, the media has suggested that trains and buses have stopped running in Sumy as the city’s roads and bridges have been destroyed and heavy street fighting is taking place.

Meanwhile, MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi in a press briefing said more than 20,000 Indians have left the Ukrainian border since the notices were issued. “There are more people, but it’s reassuring to see that so many people have left Ukraine,” he said.

He also added that most attention is given to eastern Ukraine, especially Kharkiv and Pisochin. “We managed to get buses there. 5 buses already operational, more buses later in the evening; 900 to 1,000 Indians stranded at Pisochin and more than 700 at Sumy. We are concerned about Sumy,” the MEA spokesperson said.

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