Why Pizza, Burger? Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu urges people to avoid junk food

Bengaluru: Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday urged people to avoid junk food and follow traditional Indian cuisine, to stay healthy. “… avoid junk food. Eat traditional and local food. Our ancestors suggested, practiced and promoted, and gave us such beautiful varieties of food. I am in Karnataka, I don’t need to explain to you how many varieties are here Some of them have now become world famous, ”Naidu said.

Speaking at an event here, he inquired about why we should be chasing junk food like pizza and burgers when we have our own country food. “They (junk food) will suit the conditions of some foreign countries, but they are not suitable for Indian conditions. Unfortunately, we have started to ape the West and Westernization, some of our children have also developed this weakness,” he said. he declared.

Noting that corporate branding and marketing have made these junk foods popular, Naidu said, “Manchurian chicken … when you have your own locally made biryani, why Manchurian …? we have at Karnataka Ragi Mudde (Ragi balls) and naatu kodi pulusu (country chicken curry) – wonderful … enjoy it, why run after anything else? “

“Please follow Indian food, traditional food, organic food, for your own health. Because health is wealth …” he added. The vice president was speaking at the Vaccinate India program, an initiative of the Planning Department of the Government of Karnataka in collaboration with the Give India Foundation.

Governor of Karnataka Thaawarchand Gehlot, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai were among the others present at the event. Warning that COVID was not yet over, Naidu said that without the cooperation of the people, the government operation will not be successful.

“I would just like to tell people that this (COVID) is not over yet, don’t be flippant. We have to be very careful because it is about the third wave. We have to be on our guard, we should follow the protocol issued. by Indian government and state, also medical experts from time to time, and follow it, ”he said. feet, wearing masks, washing your hands regularly, following a disciplined lifestyle, being in good physical shape and avoiding junk food.

Urging people to forgo any hesitation in getting vaccinated, the vice president praised Indian companies and scientists for developing COVID vaccines, and stressed that vaccines are now also being supplied to other countries. , and if there is a need, as the Chief Minister mentioned, I have already told him that I will speak to the Union Minister of Health and that I will provide you with the adequate vaccines “, he said. declared.

The COVID vaccination campaign must become “Janaandolan” (public movement), with the active participation of all, he said, adding that so far 58 crores of vaccine doses have been administered and 13 crores people have been fully immunized in the country.

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