Where to find and taste spicy and salty beer in Vancouver

Yes, beer can be salty.

welcome to exploited, something that Brendan Kergin writes. It’s about local beers and culture (as in social behaviors, not yeast) for people who love Vancouver’s brew scene, but aren’t in As with that.

Beer, traditionally, is a cool, refreshing drink with bitter or malty flavors.

With the boom of craft brewers over the past two decades, a lot of creativity has been unleashed and fruity, pumpkin and flowery beers are no longer rare now. And sours are the hottest style right now.

Spicy and salty, however, are still rare, but East Vancouver’s Andina Brewery has risen to the challenge.

To be fair, their Puchero Apricot Pink Sea Salt Gose is sour and mixes in a few distinct flavors, not just salt. In this case, the salty taste of beer is more subdued and fleeting and less of a salty popcorn-like experience.

In fact, the tangy nature of gose is the main feature, with the more playful apricot flavor in the background. That’s not a bad thing if you’re a sours fan; just know that it’s not a big, juicy, fruity beer (if you want a juicy, fruity beer, try the hot passion fruit sauce in the tasting room).

The Candela Peach Habanero IPA is a more interesting beer, if you’ve had your share of acid in the last couple of years. Like the gose, it’s an out the door IPA.

Notably, the spice won’t hit you right away, it hides until you think it won’t come. While it’s not explosively hot, it’s definitely spicy in a tingling sense and not a “spicy” beer.

While the peach notes don’t show up if you’re only drinking beer solo, they do come out to play with food. I don’t know how it feels (we tried Andina’s tasting room platachos – nachos with plantain chips – and empanadas), but the difference between flavors with and without food was surprising (in common sense).

The habanero brew is just one of the chilli beers that Andina has recently launched. Unfortunately, Andina’s old spiced beers have already passed us by, but the brewery’s series also featured a Mango Ghost Pepper IPA and a Pineapple Hot Pepper IPA (made with Mariner Brewing).

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