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“We have carefully followed the herbal trend and explored how best to present it to Wendy’s fans. “

Today, Wendy’s is launching its Spicy Black Bean Burger. This decision is partly explained by the desire to increase plant-based meat products in its menus.

The limited-edition burger joins Wendy’s “Made to Crave” menu and will be available while supplies last in three test markets: Columbus, OH, Jacksonville, FL and Pittsburgh, PA.

It consists of a herbal black bean pancake made from a blend of spices. The burger is topped with tomatoes, onion slices, romaine lettuce, chipotle jalapeños, pepper jack and a spicy chipotle sauce.

However, the fast food chain does not claim that the burger can be ordered vegan due to the possibility of cross contamination during preparation. It also uses a dairy-based cheese on the burger, unless customers request that these items be omitted.

“Culinary opportunity”

“The demand for plant protein has exploded over the past 10 years,” said a spokesperson for Wendy’s. VegNews.

“As a company striving to meet our fans where they are and deliver amazing taste and flavor to them, we have identified a culinary opportunity to create plant-based protein in the unique Wendy’s way.

“Guided by our food vision, Fast Food Done Right, we’ve carefully followed the plant-based trend and explored how best to present it to Wendy’s fans. “

Spicy black bean burger

The black bean burger isn’t entirely new to Wendy’s. It first introduced the Black Bean Burger at a number of test sites in Ohio, South Carolina, and Utah in 2015.

It was discontinued in 2017, and the company that was lagging behind in the plant-based burger game appears to be ready after using “information gathered from team members and customers to innovate in construction. sandwich and offer a mouth-watering and mouth-watering bite. with breathtaking flavors.

John Li is the Vice President of Culinary Innovation for The Wendy’s Company. He added, “The Spicy Black Bean Burger is a culinary creation that overturns the notion of a tasteless, textural black bean patty on its head by bringing our signature spice like only Wendy’s can.”

To promote the new burger, Wendy’s is offering an average French fries order and free delivery to customers who order the Spicy Black Bean Burger through the Wendy’s app until July 1.

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