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This one is ginormous, Produce fanatics certainly have a say in what gets cooked up during the week at the I2U2 Summit. And as ironic as it sounds as agribusiness goes full throttle to feel the aftermath of covid comes this banger of a news. At the virtual India-Israel-US-UAE (I2U2) summit on Thursday night, it was decided that the oil-rich United Arab Emirates would invest the US$2 billion to develop a series of integrated food parks across the country. India that will incorporate state-of-the-art climate-smart technologies. India will “provide suitable land for the project and facilitate the integration of farmers into the food parks”, while US and Israeli private companies will support projects that “will help maximize crop yields and, in turn, will contribute to the fight against food insecurity in South Asia”. and the Middle East.”

Although the news made a bit of noise here and there, Mr. Vijay Dwivedi, a well-acquainted business tycoon in the department, felt different as this whole deal seemed particularly beneficial for Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Affirmation bonus to food crop enterprises. What holds more selective props for the state of Gujarat is that huge investments will be sanctioned and the project will help achieve India’s goal of reaching 500 GW of non-fossil fuel capacity. ‘by 2030. In a joint statement, the I2U2 said, “Such projects have the potential to make India a global hub for alternative supply chains in the renewable energy sector.”

Mr Dwivedi suggests that there were other recreations in the country with more powerful programs which could also have been considered as the sole objective was to exploit new initiatives in the areas of water, energy, transport, space, health and food security. “The superiority on a constructive program definitely harbors considerable potential in the common projects identified between the said nations”, quoted Mr. Dwivedi

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