Variety is the spice of dinner with these easy Indian recipes

To understand Indian cuisine, there really is no better way than to explore a thali. Hot, sour, spicy, tangy, and sweet: these are the flavors our palates crave, and thali delivers it all – and a balance of nutritional qualities, too. “Thali” literally translates to “a large plate”; that now means a full meal on a platter, made up of a variety of components including curries, stir-fries and pulses, all served in small steel bowls, historically known as dunas.

Cooking techniques also vary – including steaming, storing, frying, slow cooking, baking, and smoking – a lot of variety comes into play in a single meal. Growing up in India, eating a thali was the time I felt most at home: surrounded by my family, feasting as we shared conversations about our days, our lives, our books, politics and food. The second and third servings were always welcome and meals were enjoyed. Hope you enjoy this selection of dishes as part of a thali.

Build your own thali

So what does a full meal like this include? A thali should offer:

  • A dish of sautéed pulses
  • A crispy fried snack, like pakoras or donuts
  • A dal soup
  • Meat, fish, vegetables, pulses or beans, cooked in a sauce-based curry
  • Wholemeal breads, generally unleavened; a portion of rice
  • Pickles and chutneys, to add warmth and sweetness
  • No thali would be complete without dessert or fresh fruit

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