Vancouver’s Shameless Buns food truck restaurant is open

Lay in front of the wall of spam boxes before diving into heavily loaded fries, stacked sandwiches and other Filipino treats

Matt Brennan and Corvette Romero had no plans to put a hot pink neon sign shouting “#getshameless” in their new Vancouver restaurant, but it turns out it was a clutch decision. Mounted on a wall of empty spam boxes, the cheeky decor feature is like a bat signal for Instagrammers and TikTok users who experience a great photoshoot when they see one.

Spam boxes and being “cheeky” are the calling cards of Shameless Buns, the Filipino jeepney-inspired food truck that hit the streets of Vancouver a few years ago. Now Shameless Buns has moved into its first brick and mortar store, a tiny space on Fraser Street in South Vancouver that is a beacon for food lovers across the region.

Brennan and Romero have nurtured a cult following for their bold big dishes, centered on the vibrant flavors of Romero’s Filipino childhood. The “buns” in the pun are actually pandesal – Filipino buns – these sandwich toppings love the sweet and spicy longanize (Filipino sausage) or Spam with a sticky, sunny “sexy” egg. They also make addictive fries tossed in a sweet and sour. sinigang seasoning mix and load them with the perfect toppings to cure your hangover or satisfy serious cravings.

Enthusiasts are known to make their way to the truck – and now the Fraser Street spot – just to munch on Shameless Buns’ outsized mash-up creations like their burrito. lumpia (egg roll) filled with tangy and sweet Filipino spaghetti.

For their restaurant, Brennan and Romero have the regular Shameless Buns menu with a few new additions, like a hearty meatloaf sandwich and Mexican street corn-inspired corn side, elote, with more surprises from the duo to come.

Partners in life and business quickly turned 5772 Fraser Street into Shameless Buns; In addition to this eye-catching neon-lit anti-spam wall, there are traditional and contemporary touches throughout the restaurant, including a full wall featuring an image of the truck driving in Vancouver, with personal touches worked into the middle of the landscape, like the names of loved ones on people’s t-shirts and business signs.

There isn’t a lot of seating in the restaurant, but Shameless Buns meals have long been portable by design – it’s a food truck after all – and you can certainly take your Sausage Party away. A Sausage Party at Shameless Buns are fries loaded with longaniza, a sexy egg, and other mouthwatering toppings, by the way. These toppings include homemade condiments, some of which can be purchased in jars or bottles at restaurants, so you can get a bit of Shameless at home as well.

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