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Meat of matter

“The world is only now realizing the benefits of jackfruit, but the point is that India is and has been the world’s largest producer of jackfruit for years. It grows so across the country that over 70% of it is wasted due to the short time he has to process it, ”says Phadke. Growing up with fond memories of eating the fruit that everyone associates with a great aroma, Phadke was keen to bring more eaters into the jackfruit fold.

Better’s raw and tender jackfruit

“Most people think of the sweet, smelly fruit when we say jackfruit, but we start processing our jackfruit when it’s tender, seedless and before the sugars start to form. that jackfruit works like a sponge for the flavor and spices you want to add to it, “says Phadke. Through a heat treatment process, Better jackfruit is preserved without preservatives or chemicals and can last up to two years on your kitchen shelf.

“More people should be eating jackfruit because it’s such a super food – it’s low in calories and high in fiber, which keeps you full for a long time. It has a low glycemic index, so it’s good even for diabetic patients, ”says Phadke.

How do we do it?

For those of you who love jackfruit but hate the cleaning process, this packaged product is an easy option all year round. Better Jackfruit comes in four variations: The Original is a simple, flavorless option, perfect for incorporating kheema or using in a vegetarian shammi kebab to give it a meaty texture. The company has teamed up with a spice paste company for its flavored jackfruit line – choose from Malabar jackfruit curry, Bengali-style malaikari, and vindaloo stir-fry.

Better’s Malaikari cooks jackfruit. GIF: Smitha Menon

In a saucepan, combine the paste with 3/4 cup of water and stir to combine well. Open the sachet of tender jackfruit and add it to your paste and stir to combine. Jackfruit cooks in less than ten minutes. Although it is quite easy to prepare, we were not fans of the tangy and almost sour flavor of the malakari spice paste. That being said, the jackfruit absorbed the flavor in no time, so we see ourselves experimenting with the original, flavorless jackfruit to make sabzis, kebabs and maybe even a moussaka.

“We just want more people to eat jackfruit,” Phadke tells me over the phone. “The vegetarian holy trinity – paneer, potato and mushroom – just doesn’t have the versatility and diversity that jackfruit does. And that’s why we’re so excited, ”Phadke concludes.

What we like: We don’t have to clean the jackfruit anymore!

Eat it when: You are done being a sweet potato muffin.

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