To take care of health in summer, eat these things

The winter season is going to end gradually and now people should be aware of their health. In fact, summer is coming and during this time less calories are needed to keep the body light and fresh. There is nothing better for the body in the summer season than eating less spicy and less spicy, because spices increase body temperature and this can have an adverse effect on health. Today we are going to tell you what to eat in the summer?

Khichdi – Khichdi is an easy-to-prepare less spicy food that is nutritious enough for your stomach. It is quite easy to digest and saves you stomach problems.

Fromage blanc – Yogurt is best in summer. Yogurt contains lots of nutrients like protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which are very important for your health. The good bacteria present in yogurt are very good for your stomach.

Mong Dal- Moong dal contains lots of fiber and protein. Yes, these low calorie lentils are quite light and very beneficial for your stomach.

Idli is a South Indian dish, which is now enjoyed across the country. In fact, it is quite easy for the stomach to digest them.

Upma- Upma is a South Indian breakfast consisting of many vegetables. By the way, you can also eat upma made from semolina.

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