TikToker Tinx on ‘Rich Mom’ Skin Care and Botox

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Christina “Tinx” Najjar knows a rich mom when she sees one. In fact, the TikToker, often affectionately referred to as the platform’s “big sister”, has a whole series devoted to decoding different types of wealthy moms. There is the southampton mom who wears Hermès sandals exclusively and trains at La Grange. There is the Mama Malibu who wears Chrome Hearts and short UGGs and drives a G-Wagen. And then there is the West Village mom who wears Lingua Franca and dines at Café Cluny.

Like the kind of women she lovingly parodies online, Tinx is a fan of Botox, but unlike many of them, she’s happy to talk about it. She discovered the miracles of injectables while traveling with her mother to see Dr. Lara Devgan, a certified plastic surgeon. “When I first went to see Dr Devgan, we applied Botox to the baby only on my forehead, but now it’s like my whole face,” she explains. “Dr. Devgan uses it to raise my eyebrows, I put it in my jaw and even in my neck. This is called a Nefertiti facelift, and it makes your neck slimmer and helps with “neck technique”. I am not shy. I don’t like to move. If I can move my eyebrows, I go back. Also, I’ll say this about Botox: it’s not just that it stops wrinkles, but it makes your skin a little glassy in a really nice way, so I go three or four times a year.

Tinx also sees famous facialist Sonya Dakar every two weeks (“It’s a skin whisper!”) And receives cortisone injections for particularly severe breakouts. But she also believes that, like everything in life, skin care is about balance and cites her diet as an example. “I eat very healthy, I would say, 80% of the time. I love the salad; That’s my favorite meal. However, I drink a lot three or four nights a week, I love sweets, I drink a ton of crappy coffee, and I love ice cream, Froyo, and candy. I also like Chipotle – I have my own order on the Chipotle app. And all of this is really bad for your skin. I know that a pimple I have right now is due to the fact that I have been partying like an animal the past few weeks. You get a party button, and that’s okay. All my subscribers always ask me like, “Oh my God, you’re gluten free, but have you eaten that pizza?” And I’m like ‘Yeah, it happens, you know? Just do your best. Eat the salad, but also eat the Froyo. Get a salad and get some fries. You can mix and match. It doesn’t have to be these hard and fast rules because then you feel trapped.

If this all sounds unusually blunt from an influencer, it’s by design. Tinx knows that her audience is made up mostly of people in their teens and twenties, and she thinks it’s important to be transparent. “Now that I have a platform, I don’t want to create unrealistic standards. So if I have a certain appearance and people like my appearance, I want to tell them exactly what I did to make it happen. She is aware of the impact that the skin can have on your self-esteem. “I remember when I left college I had a serious acne attack and walked into Sephora screaming, saying, ‘Can you help me? I didn’t really know what to do, ”she says. “Let me back off. Are there bigger problems in the world? 100 per cent. Can you overcome this? Sure. But when you have “bad” skin, you feel so hopeless. You say to yourself, “I would literally do anything to solve this problem” because you can’t concentrate on anything else. “

Below, the TikToker shows us her intensive (and, yes, expensive) skin care choices, including a cleanser she’s been using for six years, a cream she calls a “smoothie for your face” and the resurfacing mask she swears is a bottled Sonya Dakar facial.

“This is the most amazing cleanser – never recommended it to anyone and never converted it. I started going Tracie martyn many years ago, and I was like, “Wow, I love the smell of this cleanser”, and they were like, “Yeah, you gotta try that. It really changed my skin. It knocked everything off – it made me less red and it really cleaned up all the acne I had. It cleanses your face without drying it out. I don’t care what’s in there. I’m like, There might be tar in there, but I don’t care because it works so well. I’ve been using it for six years, no kidding.

“My skin has a lot of redness and this toner helps calm it down. My mom has rosacea, so I’m just getting a little red. I mean, I do all the wrong things. I drink a lot, I love spicy food, and all of this can bring out a rash. This toner is the only one I have found that does not dry out my face. It has a very, very slight odor. If anything, it’s very cool. I love the smell of everything Sonya does; it’s still super light and non-offensive.

“This hyaluronic acid serum makes your skin look so rosy and helps it retain moisture. It totally transforms your face. You can look really gray and a little flat, and you put it on and it makes your skin look supple and juicy.

I mean, Dr Devgan is amazing – I would trust him with my life. Because she’s a plastic surgeon, you know she thinks deeply about every product and won’t put her name behind something she hasn’t fully tested. My mom actually found her, and it was just by good god’s grace that we ran into the best plastic surgeon in the world.

“This cream is really rich in a good way. It’s like a smoothie for your skin. I still notice that the texture of my skin is beautiful the next day. It makes me feel like I just got a facial without clogging my pores. But I don’t need it every day, sometimes I just don’t need that humidity level.

“This balm helps with redness or irritation or if my skin is melting because I flew. Sometimes I wear it for in-flight protection, as a little barrier layer, but then again, you don’t need it every day.

“For a very long time, I didn’t believe there was an eye cream that worked. I didn’t think there was anything powerful enough but also light enough that would sink into my skin. And I love this one because it does both. With other eye creams, I would wake up and my eye socket would be oily. And again, because it’s Dr Devgan, I trust the eye cream and I know it actually helps my under-eye area and it’s not just mud sitting on it. my face. Since I started using it, my bags under my eyes appear less dark and my eye folds are slightly smaller. I have been using it for maybe six months, and I am converted.

“I have tried many different retinols before and my skin panicked. I know there is a period of adaptation with retinol products, but my skin has never taken the others – it constantly peels and reddens, almost like a reaction. I have been using this one for four months and the texture of my skin has changed. It’s more fluid. I have fewer brown spots. I’m just overall younger. I will hopefully build my skin up to the 5x concentration soon because I want more power. During the first week I used it three times a week, then I used it five times a week. Now I’m up every night.

“I use this serum morning and evening. I would drink it if Dr Devgan told me. I used to use the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic – the one everyone uses – but I like this one better. You know, my theory is that if it smells bad, it works. Like, that doesn’t smell the best. It’s hard to articulate the difference I’ve seen with, but I just know it’s something that I need to do and I use it religiously.

“I am a great masker. It’s great ritual for me to put on a mask and think that this will solve my problems – so millennial, I know. I put my masks in different categories. I either have fun masks like cloth masks, which I use when getting ready for an event or watching TV, or clay masks, or I have sturdy resurfacing masks that will remove that layer. top grime and make your face really smooth for makeup. I use all the masks I have every week – I have really big pores and I have blackheads so I have to take them out.

It’s actually an amazing mask. It smells really good, a little minty, and it tingles. Miranda Kerr is so smart and she takes beauty seriously. I’m going to use it and then use my retinol because I’m addicted to retinol and feel weird if I miss a night. But I built it. If you are new to retinol you have to be extra careful and work your way up for sure.

“I have been using this mask for about five or six years. It gets all the shit off your face, and if you break out, it’ll clean it up. Sometimes I even use it as a spot treatment. Like, if I have a pimple, I’m going to take some and let it sit for an hour. I also like to use it before I put on makeup because it gives my skin a unique texture.

“When I was going to see Sonya, I was like, ‘What’s that thing you use on my face because it always looks so clean afterwards? It was just completely resurfaced, and it was that Facial Flash. It’s Sonya far from Sonya.

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