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Lucknow: With the first Bada Mangal around the corner and the Covid-19 restrictions still in place, people who served food by setting up stalls are now considering preparing food packages and distributing them to the needy.
Others plan to donate food raw materials to LMC’s community kitchen so that they can be used to feed the poor.
A group of elderly people from Jankipuram Extension, who organize annual “bhandaras” (community feast) in Bada Mangal, decided to work with a non-governmental organization to distribute packed lunches among the population.
“Every year, we set up a small stand to distribute poor sabzi as prasad on the first Bada Mangal. Last year we were unable to do this due to Covid restrictions. This year, we plan to distribute around 800 packed lunches in the slums near our locality. We will adhere to all Covid-19 safety precautions, ”said Akshar Parmar (41) from Jankipuram Extension.
Harshit Lamba (29) and his mother, residents of Sector K in Aliganj, also plan to distribute khichdi and distribute it to the poor under a flyover near the Purania Passage. “Covid-19 shouldn’t be an excuse not to feed the hungry. We will follow Covid-19 safety standards and serve packed lunches to as many people as possible, ”Harshit said.
Akshit Amber from Niralanagar said: “My family holds a community party every year in Bada Mangal. This might not be possible for us this year due to restrictions, so we decided to contribute to LMC’s community kitchen. We hope that our contribution will reach the poor. ”


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