This man tried a gulab jamun samosa so you didn’t have to: latest bizarre food experiment goes viral

It’s not uncommon for Indian mithai stores to sell mithai alongside snacks like samosas, however, have you ever seen anyone comb the two? Well, it just happened. A vendor started selling gulab jamun samosas and people don’t.

When it comes to a super hot samosa, few can say no to that hard, crispy exterior and the spicy potato filling inside. However, take that masala out and add some sweet gulab jamuns to it and imagine the taste. Well, a food blogger from The Foodie Hat recently gave it a try, and it was clear to him.

In the video shared on Instagram, the vendor is seen picking up pockets of the usual flour dough samosas. However, instead of the traditional potato stuffing, he puts on a gulab jamun and seals it before frying it.

Watch the video here:

Even though the blogger did not reveal where he found the bizarre dish, people on the platform called him “brave” for getting it and thanked him for not promoting the. place.

While it might sound odd, the concept of sweet samosa is nothing new. Previously we have seen Chocolate Samosa Pavement, and even Oreo Ice Cream Samosa which even caught the eye of the cookie brand! However, while these quirky experiences are new, the traditional version of the sweet samosa stuffed with coconut filling has been around for ages.

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