The Spicy Pepper challenge Ryan Reynolds gave Steve-O in fun new ad

So why did Ryan Reynolds feed Steve-O a Carolina Reaper pepper, and what does it have to do with a software brand? Well, MNTN’s software helps other brands place ads on TV. In an attempt to show how easy it is to use, Reynolds offered Steve-O the chance to promote his own brand, Steve-O’s Hot Sauce For Your Butthole (yes, that’s actually the name) using MNTN … after eating a Carolina Reaper (via Today). For those not in the know, the Carolina Reaper was the hottest pepper in the world before hobbyist Mike Smith cultivated the new hottest pepper in the world, “Dragon’s Breath”. In the past, eating a Caroline Reaper chili has even sent someone to the ER – but how did Steve-O get away with it?

“My whole throat is on fire like I just drank lava,” Steve-O says in the video. His face has turned bright red, as he sniffles, coughs and expresses his general pain. Unfortunately for Reynolds, Steve-O couldn’t finish talking about MNTN before having a glass of milk – a good move, considering drinking milk really helps with spicy food. His reaction makes us wonder how well he handles his own hot sauce, which is made with Scorpion, Naga Jolokia, and Carolina Reaper peppers (per We have the feeling that even if Steve-O finds it painfully spicy, that doesn’t stop him from putting it on everything.

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