The Most Iconic Video Game Food

There are many cooking games out there, but there are only a few video game menu items that many gamers will be familiar with on sight.

There are plenty of cooking games and even dedicated cooking sims out there, but there are only a few menu items that many gamers are familiar with on sight. Some are delicately crafted works of culinary art, while others have become popular due to their meme status. However, in most cases, the most iconic dishes derive their fame from their connection to the games they belong to.

Cheese – Skyrim

Skyrim The cheese wheels have been a source of endless entertainment for fans since the game’s release. Skyrim mods, players found ways to rain cheese whenever the word “cheese” is spoken aloud, and console controls allowed players to build cheese towers. The simple menu item can make a nice plate, but has also been the source of memes, Easter eggs, and additional recognition in pop culture.

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Cake – Portal

Gladdos Portal Chocolate Cake

The cake used to draw test subjects into Portal has entertained since the half-truth was revealed. While the encouraging treatment was only used by GLaDOS to get subjects for testing, its place in gaming culture is undeniable. Memes and references to Doug Rattmann’s “Cake is a Lie” wall writings have been in use since GLaDOS’s cake was revealed. The place of the cake as a reward might not have been a lie, but the idea that test subjects could taste the delicious treat certainly was.

Golden apples – Minecraft

item art made with blocks of dyed wool.

Golden apples have come a long way in the past decade. Although incredibly rare for early players with the way Minecraft grew, they became not only easier to find, but also to make. Over the years, other health elements have been added to the game, and players can now even resurrect themselves with totems. Although the golden apple is not as valuable as it originally was Minecraft, it continues to be incredibly useful in restoring health and fighting hunger.

Sea Salt Ice Cream – Kingdom Hearts

Axel, Roxas and Xion eating ice cream

Kingdom Hearts 2 Sea salt ice cream probably has one of the most unique flavors fans can find when it comes to games food. The sweet and salty treat looks appetizing in its pastel blue color and is inspired by an actual treat that is served at Tokyo DisneySea. Most people would likely find the flavor of a salty toffee where the overall sweetness is emphasized by the salty notes. Although it has become somewhat of a common joke in Kingdom Hearts, it’s hard not to be wowed by the look the treat has on screen.

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Nuka-Cola – Fallout

Nuka-Cola is clearly inspired by Coca-Cola, but the Fall drink has a little more radiation than most people want from their soft drinks. The drink can be found in the different environments of the Fall series, and like most sodas in real life, it featured a variety of flavors. When Fallout 4 launched, fans could also buy Jones Soda’s Nuka-Cola Quantum flavor at Target stores to get their not-so-rad post-apocalyptic fix for a while. While soda has health benefits in the game, it also serves as a resource thanks to soda pods which are the main currency of the various games in the game. Fall series.

Spicy Ramen – Destin

the destiny the franchise might not incorporate food as heavily as other series, but spicy ramen has gained a reputation in the game. The dish has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to challenges on the internet, but its prominence in the game. the game was due to the spicy ramen coupon from the beloved Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. While Cayde has since been killed, the Spirited Hunter’s Spirit survives through the ramen emote, his remaining vocal lines in older content, and his memorial in the tower. Fans can always pay homage to Cayde and her whims by sipping a large bowl of spicy ramen with the neon-colored emote in Destiny 2.

Mushrooms – Super Mario Bros.

Super Mushroom Mario

Mushrooms are quite possibly the original iconic food of the video game. While portabelles and oyster mushrooms may not be the most appetizing for some people, the mushrooms in the Super Mario the universe is another story. Powerful food allows for instant growth and better health, often making it a necessary part of many Mario Games. New power-ups have been introduced since the original Super Mario Bros. game, but the mushroom continues to remain prominent in the series’ many episodes. It has seen revisions – and even doppelgangers – but it continues to be synonymous with Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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