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John Harmon explains why his product, “Oil Slick Adhesive Remover”, is a smart investment on Friday, November 12th during the live broadcast of the “Scheinfeld Get REAL Shark Tank” contest. Harmon’s company, which won first place and the $ 10,000 award, allows medical dressings to be removed quickly and painlessly from the skin.

On November 12, three City College students presented their entrepreneurial ideas for the annual “Scheinfeld Get REAL Shark Tank” competition.

This year’s attendees were Elvis Idunate with his restaurant “Texas Tacos”, Steven Benavidez with “Argonauts Tactical” and John Harmon who presented “Oil Slick Adhesive Remover”. All of the contestants were former winners of the “Scheinfeld New Venture Challenge“and have been preparing for this competition for six months through the program”Scheinfeld Get a REAL accelerator. “

With $ 10,000 up for grabs, attendees have the opportunity to “apply it to the next business steps,” said Julie Samson, director of the Scheinfeld Center, “bringing them even closer to achieving their entrepreneurial dream.”

After the presentations and a 20 minute discussion, Harmon and his company “Oil Slick Adhesive Remover” were announced as the winners of the competition.

“Wow! I’m really honored. I’m speechless right now, thank you very much,” Harmon said.

The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is an organization that describes its own work as supporting “all aspiring student entrepreneurs with the education, resources, and business networks they need to be successful in the rapidly changing globalized business environment. of today ”, according to his website.

All participants had eight minutes to present their idea to the judges by presenting their idea and explaining what societal problems it would solve and presenting a financing plan.

Subsequently, the judges also had an additional eight minutes to ask them any questions they had about the project.

The judges were comprised of financial analyst and business advisor Greg Loosvelt, C2 Sales CEO Chuck Santry and DT Law Partners founding partner Mark DePaco.

The first to present was the New Venture Challenge winner Elvis Idunate. He introduced “Texas Tacos,” a restaurant that gives the more than 27,000 residents of Isla Vista the fast, affordable and portable breakfast tacos they can already order from their homes.

Idunate, who has eight years of experience in the restaurant industry and owns two food trucks himself, said he sees the need for a quick and affordable breakfast spot in the area because it There are only three places that open before 7:30 am.

“To say that opening a restaurant like Texas Tacos is a passion of mine is an understatement. I absolutely know it will be successful, ”he said.

Steven Benavidez presents the Lumbar IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) from his “Argonauts Tactical” clothing line on Friday November 12th during the "Scheinfeld Get REAL Shark Tank
Steven Benavidez presents the Lumbar IFAK (Personal First Aid Kit) from his “Argonauts Tactical” clothing line on Friday, November 12 during the live broadcast of the “Scheinfeld Get REAL Shark Tank” competition. Benavidez designed the product using his own personal experience in the military as a benchmark and that it is the first IFAK designed “specifically as a back support”.
(August Laurent)

Next to present was Steven Benavidez who introduced judges to “Argonauts Tactical,” a problem-based innovation that helps military personnel relieve their backs when carrying heavy equipment.

On his marketing strategy, the former Marine said he wanted to “foster a brand community by encouraging customers to take and post photos of themselves wearing the product on social media.”

The third participant, John Harmon, presented “Oil Slick Adhesive Remover”, a spray with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and puncture-free formula that is primarily designed for use in medicine.

Harm’s main customers will be people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, post-operative medical patients, athletic therapy patients and hair salons.

“I really feel like I’m solving a problem for a very, very large market,” he said.

Although only one of the participants was able to win the award, the judges offered commentary and advice to all presenters.

“We really encourage you to continue. Nothing worth getting is easy, ”DePaco told attendees.

“It always ends up working, if you work hard and keep going,” Idunate said in agreement with DePaco.

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