Sleepy Owl Coffee in India Unveils Latest Innovations to Convert Tea-Obsessed Nation to Coffee

Co-founded by Ajai Thandi, Sleepy Owl Coffee was established in 2016, pioneering cold brew and drip coffee bag categories in India.

The company then moved into the hot brew and RTD formats, and now caters to the ever-changing consumer base who want to make their own herbal teas.

Over the course of its five years in business, the company has seen many of its consumers change their preferences as they become more familiar with the category.

What we found was that while we were successful in converting people into coffee drinkers, people were now moving on their coffee journey thanks to Sleepy Owl Coffee.», Said Thandi FoodNavigator-Asia.

They are now exploring different types of cafes, using different equipment such as a French press or an aero press.. “

This inspired the company to develop ground coffee and coffee beans for consumers to brew their own cup of coffee at home. Consumers can choose the grind they want, whether it’s whole coffee beans or coarse, medium or fine ground coffee.

It also recently launched sample packs of ground coffee in different flavors such as vanilla and hazelnut. New flavors are currently in preparation.

For convenience, Sleepy Owl Coffee recently launched a monthly subscription service for cold brew, hot brew, and RTD products.

Subscription is a big part of our effort to grow our business as coffee is part of the daily routine of coffee users. The subscription makes it very convenient for customers”Thandi said.

D2C Strategy

The company says it has since served more than two million homes in India so far.

About 70% of its business is D2C through its website, and the rest through supermarkets, airlines and offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

Thandi stressed that D2C will continue to be his focus, “because it allows us to connect and talk directly to our customers, learn from them and develop great products. “

Claiming to be the pioneers of the home coffee industry in India, Thandi said that Sleepy Owl Coffee’s journey so far has inspired many companies to join us and try to replicate their products.

This is good for the industry because we are all on a mission to get more Indians to drink coffee so that more businesses and products mean more coffee drinkers.. “

He hopes to expand to more cities in India by the end of this year.

The company is also open to export opportunities with distribution partners, and is eyeing markets in the Middle East and South East Asia.

These are markets where coffee is an integral part of everyday life, our branding towards Gen Z and Gen Y and convenience works very well with these markets.Thandi added.

Not your average cup of coffee

Leveraging innovation and convenience, Sleepy Owl Coffee hopes to raise awareness in the coffee industry.

Coffee is a complicated drink, it requires lots of education on beans, roasting, grinding and consumption. Most people are confused, scared and stop drinking coffee altogether ”, Thandi said.

India is primarily a tea country, so our mission is to make Indians drink more coffee.. “

The company sources Arabica beans directly from farmers in southern India.

It packages coffee in a paper and aluminum material, instead of the plastic commonly used in food grade materials. The packaging is recyclable and just as sturdy as plastic.

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