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NEW DELHI: The large Indian amphibious warship INS Kesari delivered 500 tonnes of food aid, two rapid interception devices and military self-defense equipment to Mozambique, as part of the eighth such deployment in 15 “countries foreign friends ”as part of the SAGAR mission (security and growth for all in the region).
The 500 tons of food aid were dispatched by INS Kesari, which entered the port of Maputo on Saturday, to help Mozambique cope with the ongoing drought and the accompanying challenges of the pandemic in the country.
“As India also remains committed to supporting the capacity building efforts of the Mozambique armed forces, the two rapid interception devices and the self-defense equipment have been handed over to them,” said a naval officer.
Deployments of the SAGAR mission to India’s Extended Maritime Neighborhood are being carried out in close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Indian government agencies.
INS Kesari had undertaken similar missions in May-June 2020 to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Comoros, including the deployment of Navy medical assistance teams in several places.
“The Navy has deployed ships to 15 friendly foreign countries on SAGAR missions since May of last year. These deployments lasted over 215 days at sea and provided a cumulative assistance of over 3,000 tonnes of food aid, over 300 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen, 900 oxygen concentrators and 20 cryogenic containers, ”said the officer.
“During these missions, Indian ships have traveled a cumulative distance of nearly 40,000 nautical miles, nearly double the circumference of the Earth,” he added.
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