“ Rediscovered love for music, became aware of eating habits ”, 19-year-old on recovery from illness

COVID-19 has led to unusual changes in the lives of those infected with it, including their loved ones. For those who succumbed to the virus, there has been grief and irreparable loss. Meanwhile, some of the people who fought and survived are once again looking into improving their lives after their recovery.

Ankita Khanrah, 19, from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has been busy making significant lifestyle changes after recovering from COVID-19. She suffered from a severe headache and woke up with a high fever and weakness. After having her swab sample tested, it was revealed that she had contracted the virus.

During the time she was isolated, she rediscovered her love for music. From creating playlists to sharing them with her friends and staying connected with them digitally, Khanrah has dedicated her time to studying and understanding musical genres.

She said The logical Indian that she was a freshman and started her college life in virtual mode, but used the time of isolation to interact with and bond with her college mates.

Khanrah said her friends even helped her with notes on missing online courses due to the inevitable weakness that followed COVID.

“We socialized on Google, played games together, had Omegle sessions, it was fun. Although I have never met them in person, I have created so many memories with them, ”she said while explaining that they have helped her recover and maintain a positive attitude. state of mind throughout the phase.

She admitted to being ignorant of her health and diet choices in the past. However, she realized the importance of good nutrition. The young woman said she started to make her daily decisions – eating habits, spending time, putting people first, consciously.

Finally, she suggested getting tested as soon as you start showing symptoms of COVID and strictly following all medications: “If you have symptoms, get tested immediately without delay. If you test positive keep calm and continue with prescribed medication, try to be positive and continue to see a doctor regularly, ”Khanrah said.

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