Reactions as parent angry with neighbor for ‘force-feeding her child’ ethnic food

A mom posted an article on Reddit that many will find shocking. He has already received thousands of comments on the post.

The mother looked at her neighbor’s seven year old son as a favor.

The woman, of South Asian descent, gave the boy part of his lunch which was roti and brinjal sabzi (a type of eggplant curry), after asking to try it.

“He ended up liking it and ate two rotis,” she wrote.


The neighbor picked up her offspring, but returned shortly after in a state of distress and anger.

The lady writes that the neighbor said she was “not allowed to feed her son ethnic food, adding:” God knows what’s in there “.

“She said she was trying to switch her son to the vegan lifestyle and I just sabotaged him by giving him food she had never even heard of,” said the Redditor.

“I tried to explain to him that what he was eating was completely vegan and very healthy and, needless to say, delicious or Ben wouldn’t have (eaten) on his own.

“But she wasn’t in the mood to listen.

She continued, “(Linda) was saying something about my food being so spicy it could cause her son to be sick.

“I’m worried now. I felt Ben was enjoying his lunch and he never complained that it was spicy and could anything but really get sick?

She ended with, “Linda called me a hole to feed other children without parental permission and I kind of feel like one.”

She then asked other platform users: “Am I thinking?”


“It could have been educational for the child, but his mother ruined him by being bigoted.”

‘Not just FOREIGN food but gasp it was not food for whites!

“She’s the first vegan I’ve heard of who doesn’t appreciate Indian food. If I were to be vegan, most of my food would be Indian. The spices they use on the veg are just fantastic – I would say it tastes better than a lot of other vegan options. Definitely better than most “Can’t believe these aren’t hot dogs!” False meats and cheeses.

“Linda is just a racist asshole; Caucasian or not doesn’t really matter to the story, but the fact remains that, obviously, Linda is not a Southeast Asian who thinks all South Asians eat extremely spicy food when the SA diaspora is quite diverse with varied tastes and foods.

“Hell, Indian food is actually quite vegetarian and easy to make vegan. Linda is just a fucking racist.

“I’m sick of the stupid ‘Indian food is spicy’ thing that everyone seems to think.”

“No, he asked to try it and he liked it. There’s nothing wrong with kids trying new things and it’s not like you’ve intentionally given him something that might hurt him.

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