Range Overview: New Morrisons Ready Meals 2021 | Beach overview

Vegan Smoked Shredded Jackfruit Burrito Bowl

£ 3.50

Combining Mexican flavors and plant-based ingredients, Morrisons is sure this vegan ready dish will be a hit. The dish uses smoked jackfruit as an alternative to pulled pork and combines it with chili lime salsa, vegetable rice, pickled pink onions, and a sachet of crushed tortilla chips to sprinkle on top. It serves one up and is ready to eat in four and a half minutes.

Korean BBQ Pork

£ 3.50


Inspired by Korean char siu dishes, pork, pak choy and vegetables come together in a spicy chili, red pepper, ginger and garlic sauce for the latest launch of the Tastes of the World range. It comes with sticky rice, serves one up, and is ready to eat in five minutes.

The best primavera chicken

£ 3.50

Morrisons Ready Meals Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 11.03.33

Strozzapretti pasta twists form the backbone of this premium cooked dish, combined with pieces of candied chicken breast, mixed greens, mint Jersey butter and a ‘full of roasted garlic sauce. flavor ”and Grana Padano cheese. It separates one and cooks in four and a half minutes.

The best Spanish chicken, paprika and aioli potatoes

£ 7.00


This oven-ready meal for two features British paprika chicken breast and roasted potatoes in a smoked tomato, red piquillo and Fino sherry sauce. It is also accompanied by a sachet of garlic aioli. It’s ready to eat in 35 minutes.

The best bucatini with smoked salmon

£ 3.50


Featuring a form of pasta so beloved in the United States that its brief shortage in December has become a subject of great public interest, this premium cooked dish is tossed in a lemon cream sauce and topped with flakes of hot Scottish smoked salmon. It serves one up and is ready to eat in four and a half minutes.

Thai take out box

£ 7.50


One of two new fakeway packs, this Thai style meal for two packs of pad thai noodles, Thai style green curry, sticky rice, spring rolls and shrimp crackers. It serves two and is ready to eat in 30 minutes.

Southern Fried Meal Box

£ 7.50

Morrisons Ready Meals Screenshot 2021-05-11 to 11.04.29

The second fakeaway is inspired by KFC, serves two, and features chicken strips, nuggets and crispy wedges alongside barbecue beans, southern-style gravy, and herb garlic mayonnaise for dipping. It serves two and is ready to eat in 30 minutes.

The best hamburger

£ 3.50


The ultimate comfort food classic, this burger from Morrisons own-label line is made with slow-cooked pulled beef, Ruddles Best Ale sauce and roast beef potatoes. It serves one and bakes in the oven in 25 minutes.

Cook It Tandoori cauliflower

£ 3.50


Thanks to TikTok, buffalo cauliflower has become an extremely popular plant-based meal in recent years. Taking Morrisons gives it a tandoori touch, combining it with masala sauce, green peppers and red onions. This pack serves two if served with salad, as recommended, and is ready to eat after 25 minutes in the oven.

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