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She added that between her husband’s fans, her accountancy clients and Mendoza fans, they seemed to have already developed a client base.

“And Yadkin has a huge Hispanic population,” she said, “so on Sunday the parking lot is full.”

On Saturdays and Sundays, Rancherito serves Mexican specialties menudo (tripe soup) and caldo de res (beef stew). The restaurant also offers specialties reserved for the other days of the week: enchiladas verdes on Tuesday, enchiladas rojos on Wednesday, posole on Thursday and mojarra frita (whole fried fish) and garlic shrimp on Friday.

Regular menu items include tacos, sopes, huaraches, gorditas, and tamales.

Tamales ($ 8 for four) are filled with grated chicken mixed with a homemade mole sauce.

Taco choices include lengua (beef tongue), tripe, barbacoa (grated beef), carne asada (grilled flank steak), al pastor (pork marinated in pineapple and spices), chicken and chorizo ​​(spicy sausage). A plate of four costs $ 8 – or 25 cents more for each taco lengua and tripe. Taco platters are served with lime, radish, grilled green onions and a whole grilled jalapeño. Be sure to ask for the salsa verde or the house rojo. There is also a spicier rojo behind the counter, because as Pedro says, there is always someone who wants it spicier.

Sopes ($ 7.99) are three thick tortillas topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and your choice of meat. Similar are the huaraches ($ 6.29), which are thick, oval tortillas – the word translates to sandals – with similar fillings.

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