Raj Express, Overland Park’s New Restaurant, Offers DIY Chipotle-Style Indian Cuisine

The new Raj Express Indian Kitchen offers fast take out Indian food for residents of Overland Park. The menu consists of a personalized bowl style, in which the customer chooses their own protein, curry and side. The restaurant also offers a variety of wraps, traditional Indian street food and exclusive entrees. Image via Raj Express.

A new Indian restaurant has opened in Overland Park and offers a quick take-out menu with build-your-own bowls as one of its main options.

Raj Express Indian Kitchen, 11721 College Blvd., officially opened last month and is an offshoot of Rajmahal in Olathe, but aims to provide a different type of service than this original restaurant.

Unlike Rajmahal, 118 S. Clairborne Rd., Raj Express is take out or delivery only.

The menu itself is also quite different.

The main offerings of Raj Express are the build-it-yourself bowls, in which customers can choose their own protein, curry and sides. Protein selections include chicken, salmon, lentils, and paneer, a type of cheese important in Indian cuisine.

“It’s almost like the Chipotle style,” said Rana Vijendra, who helps run the Raj Express at a mall near Johnson County Community College.

The restaurant also offers a variety of wraps, as well as traditional Indian street food, like samosas and kathi rolls.

Customers can also pick up lassis, a smoothie-like drink made from yogurt, and Indian chai.

Vjendra said the idea of ​​opening a second location with take-out options only came due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We thought we would create a relaxed concept where we would use all disposables and stay as contactless as possible,” Vjendra said. “We have had great success with it so far.”

Raj Express is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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