Procter & Gamble Home Products: Indian Branch of Mondelez India Foods and Procter & Gamble Home Products Increase Net Profit More Than Twice

The Indian branch of two leading US-based consumer goods manufacturers, Mondelez India Foods and Procter & Gamble Home Products, saw more than double the increase in net profit in pandemic year 2020-21 .

According to the latest regulatory information to the Registrar of Companies (RoC), Mondelez India Foods revenue jumped 10% to Rs 8,038 crore in 2020-21, while net profit jumped 297% to Rs 1,001 crore over the course of the year under review. Procter & Gamble Home Products reported a 7% increase in revenue to Rs 6,314 crore while net profit jumped 217% to Rs 483 crore.

According to RoC data accessible via the Tofler business intelligence platform, Mondelez’s total expenses for fiscal year 21 were Rs 6,771 crore while those of Procter & Gamble Home Products were Rs 5,648 crore.

Mondelez, the makers of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournvita and Oreo, did not share any details of business performance and profit growth in fiscal year 21 in its RoC files. For Procter & Gamble Home Products, the detergents business contributed 42% of sales, followed by baby diapers at 37% and hair products at 19%. The company also did not share any details about the company in the filed documents.

Industry executives said both companies’ revenues increased due to pantry storage linked to the pandemic and consumers preferring to buy snacks at home with restricted mobility, while net profit surged because they controlled their expenses, including distribution costs and focusing on online sales.


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