Plants of Roselyn: The Handbook Reviews This All-Vegan Neighborhood Hero

Roselyn Plants – affectionately nicknamed simply ‘Roselyn’ by the team – sits n Tooley Street; a stone’s throw from London Bridge and just around the corner from Kin + Deum.

The decor is clean, fresh and simple. A sleek blue exterior leads into a natural palette with relaxed wooden tables and chairs. That’s their philosophy in a nutshell; allowing food to be the star of the show. By avoiding grandeur, they make everyone feel welcome – a smart move, judging by the steady stream of stopping commuters and cyclists.

The drink menu contains creative twists on the classics, as well as some that are entirely their own creations.

My first drink was created just for me and it’s oddly purple, thanks to butterfly flower essence. I’m initially suspicious – having not had a purple drink since the epiphany of mixing red and blue Aftershock in my teens – so I’m entirely relieved to find that it’s zesty, floral and delicious.

We regularly work through their other offerings, which include fruity, floral and aromatic notes – cleverly complementing the spicy, salty, sweet and sour staples of Thai cuisine.

We agonize over entrees for a while before selecting the Sweetcorn Cakes, Banyan Spring Rolls, and “A Mushroom Shakes the World.” With a name like that, how could we not? Everything arrives colorful and beautiful and we rush in eagerly. It is clear that everything has been prepared to order; the spring rolls are perfectly hot and crispy, and the sweet corn cakes popped and popped from the freshest corn. But it’s the humble mushroom that steals the show. With an almost calamari appearance, the tender mushroom is encased in the crispiest coating and served with a vegan citrus mayo. It stands up to any meat or dairy entrees I’ve eaten in the past. Truly divine.

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