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– The North Carolina State Fair offered a preview of some of its new food products on Monday. This year, sweet and spicy food is on the menu.

Here is a look at the new Out & About articles we tested and loved:

Oak City Fish and Chips: Lobster Pop – Fried lobster seasoned with a special blend of spices served on a stick. It’s delicious and one of our new favorite items!

Cool Runnings Jamaican: BBQ Jerk Chicken Sliders with Tropical Coleslaw – This jerk barbecue chicken is served on a roll and topped with our homemade tropical coleslaw. You need the coleslaw to balance the spiciness of the chicken. It’s a perfect combo! He’s also this year’s Media Luncheon winner for Best New Food.

new fair food

Tropical Delights: Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie – This strawberry smoothie is loaded with New York style cheesecake. It’s sweet and delicious.

new fair food

Chef’s D’Lites: Atomic Tots -These are spicy tater tots topped with a spicy cheese sauce and sweet and spicy grated chicken, plus pepper bacon, spicy ranch sour cream and a crispy fried chili. Now, that can be a spice overload, so be careful! We noticed that the level of spice differed between dishes depending on the amount of seasoning, so be warned!

Hot Chix Hotcakes & Chicken: Twisted Chicken on Tots – I thought I would hate it, but I tasted it. That’s everything I love about Pik-n-Pig’s BBQ sundae, just with mac and cheese and chicken instead. It’s basically for the person who doesn’t mind their chicken, white cheddar mac and cheese, tater tots, and barbecue sauce.

Hickory Tree Barbecue Shrimp Alfredo Stuffed Turkey Leg

The North Carolina State Fair takes place from October 14 to 24 at the exhibition center. Tickets are still available.

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