Origin of the three rules of evil

Why don’t real-life Ouija boards come with these three important rules etched into their wooden frames? Or, more contemporary, on a sticker on their cardboard boards?

It probably has a lot to do with how the “Ouija” movies have more to do with 2012’s “Battleship” than, say, a real crime documentary. Real Ouija boards arose out of the late 19th-century American spiritualist movement, originally patented as an element of novelty (via Smithsonian magazine). In truth, as anyone who has used a Ouija board on its own can tell you, you will be fine if you use just one. As anyone who hasn’t said goodbye after using a Ouija board can tell you, you’ll be fine if you don’t say goodbye. As anyone who has used a Ouija board in a graveyard can attest, you never know when the sprinklers are going to turn on at the graveyard and ruin your brand new Ouija board.

However, the actual instructions that Hasbro provided with Ouija boards is full of useful information. For example, according to a brochure Included with a 2001 edition of the product, if you leave the board and clipboard under a lamp or on a sunny windowsill, they will glow in the dark for approximately 30 minutes.

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