Opportunities in retail and disbursements

Home depot and Lowe’s, among others, thrive in the home economy. In e-commerce, one of the world’s largest investment firms has taken a minority stake in the Utah-based online shopping platform. Walker Edison. In connected commerce, as many American consumers now order groceries online when ordering restaurant meals online, and in vendor payments, it has become essential for markets to support disbursements. snapshots. All this, today in the data.


2006: Year of creation of Walker Edison, a partner and drop-ship solution for e-commerce companies.

76%: Share of all homeowners who undertook at least one improvement project during the pandemic.

50%: Approximate share of homes that sold for more than the list price in the four weeks ending May 16.

17%: Share of consumers who reported using digital platforms to order and pay for their groceries.

2.5: Average number of days it takes for individual sellers to receive payments from marketplaces.

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