Officials concerned about deteriorating condition of two Covid-positive lionesses at Etawah Lion Safari


The condition of two Etawah Lion Safari lionesses who tested positive for Covid-19 is not improving, officials said adding that they also had not eaten their food for a few days.

While giving information on the health of the two lionesses, KK Singh, director of Etawah Safari Park, said that the two had stopped taking food, so soup was given to them in addition to glucose on the advice of doctors and experts called by the management of Safari. .

Safari management deals with them by videoconference in consultation with the doctors of Kanpur, Mathura and Bareilly. Lionesses infected with Corona, Jennifer and Gauri, are being watched and with the help of experts from across the country.

Experts from Indian Veterinary Institute, Bareilly, Mathura Veterinary University, Agra Bear Conservation Center and New Delhi Zoo Central Authority gave advice on how to treat lionesses . The two lionesses have not eaten food for 10 days and only consume water and soup. Glucose is also given to them with medication at the Etawah Lion Safari Animal Hospital.

Three doctors from the breeding department monitor the condition of the lionesses. Among them, Dr RK Singh, a former doctor from Kanpur Zoo, Dr Nasir, a doctor from Kanpur Zoo, and Dr Robin Yadav, a local doctor from Etawah who watch the lioness for 24 hours.

Advice is also being taken by Dr. Karikalan and Dr. Mahendram, scientists at the Indian Veterinary Institute i.e. IVRI Bareilly and the famous wildlife specialist of the country, Dr. M Pavade.

All Safari employees had previously been tested for RTPCR, of which five people were found to be infected. Staff at the hospital where the lionesses are being treated are not allowed out. Experts from Mathura, Bareilly, Agra, New Delhi were consulted for the treatment of the two lionesses.

In last week’s Safari, lioness Jennifer and Gauri’s health deteriorated and after testing they were found to be infected with the crown. Along with them, there are 18 lions in the safari, all of them have been tested and all but two report negative.

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