New Yelp reviews reveal who the #1 food truck is in all three cities

What is Tri-Cities’ highest rated food truck on Yelp?

You learn something new every day and I learned something new today that I had no idea until today.

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What are the best food trucks to eat in the Tri-Cities?

It had never occurred to me until now, but Yelp is constantly updating its review rankings. As people leave reviews, your rankings can go up… or down.

I never thought of it like this until I got a message in my inbox that there was a new Yelp ranking for Tri-Cities food trucks. I love our area food trucks and was curious what the new rankings had to say.

Tri-Cities has seen a food truck boom over the past few years and there have been some amazing additions to Tri-Cities culinary tastes, that’s for sure.

Here are the top 10 best food trucks in the three cities

I thought it would be cool to compile a list of the top 10 Yelp-rated food trucks in the Tri-Cities.

The #1 Rated Food Truck in the Tri-Cities Has a 5 star rating while several are right behind them with 4.8 rankings.

Here is the current ranking of Top 10 Food trucks rated by Yelp in the Tri-Cities:

Here are 10 of the highest-rated food trucks in the three cities

Yelp has rated food trucks in Tri-Cities and here are the top-ranked food trucks based on Yelp reviews.

As you can see, Doggie Style Gourmet is the current reigning Tri-Cities champion, but going down this list, there’s no loser in the pack.

Photo credit: Doggie Style Gourmet.

Photo credit: Doggie Style Gourmet.

I have been to most Top 10 and all of them are quite delicious. Great to rank the Doggie Style Gourmet team and congratulations to all the other food trucks on the list for making some amazingly delicious food.

Greedy doggy style

Greedy doggy style

If you’re feeling a little hungry like me after a list like this, take your pick and enjoy the best food trucks and food trucks Tri-Cities has to offer.

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