New Salted Caramel Club and other launches of new food flavors

McVitie’s has launched a new club of salted caramel flavors and it sounds dreamy. (McVitie’s)

‘If you like lots of chocolate on your cookie, join our Club’

From the iconic retro jingle to the strong opinions everyone has about their favorite flavor, snacks don’t get more nostalgic than a Club cookie.

But now there’s a brand new Club joining the classic orange and mint flavors and it’s guaranteed to be a popular choice.

For the first time in a decade, McVitie’s is launching an all-new Club flavor to join the existing line of the long-running “lotta chocolate cookie bar.”

Showcasing its exterior in chunky chocolate chunks, the new snack, Salted Caramel Flavor, has the same crunchy cookie core, but is topped with a dreamy sounding salted caramel flavored creme.

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Pringles is launching two new flavors.  (Pringle)

Pringles is launching two new flavors. (Pringle)

Perfect for satisfying those sweet and savory cravings, McVitie’s Club Salted Caramel Flavor is available now at Morrisons, Asda and Iceland, and will hit shelves at Co-Op, Sainsbury’s and Tesco over the coming months.

“McVitie’s Club has been a favorite among cookie lovers for many years, so we’re very pleased to be able to offer an all-new flavor for fans to try,” said David Titman, Chief Marketing Officer, McVitie’s.

“The new cookie has everything people know and love about Club, with its classic thick chocolate exterior and crunchy cookie middle, now with a sweet and salty twist. Salted caramel has become an extremely popular flavor these years, so we just couldn’t resist!”

Last year, flavor makers Mars Wrigley added Twix Salted Caramel, a new salted caramel bar, to their portfolio, while Nestlé launched Munchies Salted Caramel Fudge and Poppets also recently added salted caramel to its lineup. .

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McVitie’s isn’t the only brand launching new flavors in its classic foods.

Also trying to change up its flavor combos, Pringles has really added two fiery new flavors to the popular Pringles Sizzl’N line – Sweet Chilli and Spicy Chorizo.

The spicy chorizo ​​will challenge Pringles lovers to spice up, while the milder sweet chili will satisfy those who like to touch the spice.

The intense flavor of the spicy chorizo ​​exhibits barbecue notes surrounded by a rich taste of cured meat and slightly smoky paprika, while the slightly milder sweet chili pepper has a spicy and aromatic flavor, made from a blend of fragrant spices and sweet chilli.

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The all-new, limited-edition Weetos Orange Chocolatey Hoops cereal will also soon delight our taste buds in the morning. Available in Asda stores nationwide from February 21, the crunchy wheat hoops combine cocoa with a savory orange flavor.

Meanwhile, shaking things up in the flavor blends department, Häagen-Dazs will soon be releasing a delicious-sounding new 2-in-1 flavor, Vanilla Hazelnut & Caramel Crunch.

Adding to the popular DUO line, the side-by-side flavors create an elevated yet unexpected twist, giving a whole new meaning to ice cream decadence.

Aldi is launching a delicious new pizza.  (Aldi)

Aldi is launching a delicious new pizza. (Aldi)

On the savory side, Aldi is launching a supermarket first, pairing one of the world’s most premium meats with a delicious sourdough base in the form of its brand new Gastro Specially Selected British Wood-Fired Wagyu Pizza (£3.99, 455g).

Launching the crust in time (sorry) for Valentine’s Day, each base is topped with a rich shredded Wagyu beef brisket smothered in deliciously sweet dark teriyaki sauce and caramelized onions.

Still on the pizza front, Asda has also just announced the return of its popular heart-shaped pizzas just in time for Valentine’s Day – because nothing says I love you like a freshly made pizza in the shape of a heart. heart of love.

The much-loved heart-shaped pizza is available from popular Asda pizza counters and online for £3.20 and comes in a range of flavours.

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For soft cheese lovers, Philadelphia recently launched a new plant-based alternative to soft cheese.

Combining oats and almonds in a creamy spread, the makers say Philadelphia Plant Based is just as good as the original.

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