New Indian street food restaurant opens in downtown Peterborough

Indian Restaurant Chaska is distinguished by the slogan “Indian Street Food Obsession”. A branch will open in downtown Peterborough on October 18, 2021. (Photo: Chaska / Facebook)

A new Indian street food restaurant opens in downtown Peterborough.

Chaska, which carries the tagline “Indian Street Food Obsession,” will open at 441 George Street North on Monday, October 18.

It’s the former location of Pete’s Subs and Burgers on the corner of George and Brock, which closed during the pandemic after about 30 years in business.

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Chaska was founded by Naveen Seth, who was inspired by his memories of authentic street food as a child in India. He opened the first Chaska restaurant in Mississauga in 2016, and now has two branches in Toronto (as well as a food truck) and a branch in North York.

“Chaska offers a variety of delicious dishes that are different from the traditional curries found in Indian restaurants,” the company wrote in an email to kawarthaNOW. “Some of our staples are kathi rolls (wraps), rice bowls, and samosa sliders.”

Described as a “casual and fast-paced Indian street eatery,” the restaurant offers the first 100 patrons of its Peterborough establishment a $ 10 gift card when they spend $ 10.

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