“My Fav Kuttu Paratha,” Sakshi Dhoni says as he shares a photo from his Wednesday dinner

Former Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni appears to be a fan of South Indian cuisine. On Wednesday she gave us a glimpse of her plate – priceless to guess, it was a South Indian delicacy that is one of her favorite dishes to eat. No, it wasn’t dosa, idli or utthapam. Sakshi shared an image of a plate of crushed kuttu paratha with the goodness of certain colorful vegetables and curry leaves on her Instagram Stories. It makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? She captioned the photo, “My fav kuttu paratha!”.

Kuttu paratha is a South Indian delicacy made from shreds of roti and other masalas

In an earlier post last month, the sweetie Sakshi came forward by sharing a photo of a traditional Onam Sadhya feast. The thali had 22 foods served on a plantain leaf. Aside from Sakshi, even her daughter, Ziva, has been seen enjoying a similar-looking thali. Read more about it here.

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Return to Kuttu, commonly known as buckwheat, is usually eaten on an empty stomach. This variety of wheat, used in the preparation of several delicacies, has multiple health benefits. It helps regulate blood pressure, helps in weight loss and the development of bone structure, lowers cholesterol and prevents skin damage. If you want to include kuttu in your regular diet, we have prepared a list of recipes for you that are great for your body and also for your taste buds:

Here are 5 delicious Kuttu recipes to try:

1) Kuttu Ki Puri

This recipe involves the usual method of making puris, except that kuttu ka attack replaces regular wheat. It is a staple of fasting on such occasions as Navratri, Shivratri, and Ekadashi. These puris have buckwheat flour mixed with potatoes and are deep fried.

2) Kuttu Ka Cheela

Cheelas are always a healthy breakfast, and with the added benefits of kuttu, it becomes much more beneficial for the body.

3) Kuttu pancakes

Imagine this – crispy brown pancakes with spoonfuls of maple syrup, but with a healthy twist. No compromise on taste, however.

4) Kuttu Dosa

If you’re fasting and want to avoid oil-based puris, go for a crisp and healthy kuttu ka dosa. You can even stuff it with colocasia.

kuttu dosa 625Kuttu ka dosa is the crispy and healthy dish you need

5) Pizza Kuttu

Craving pizza but want to avoid flour? Replace it with kuttu and make a pizza that won’t make you choose between taste and health.

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Who knew that the solution to the not-so-thin line between health and taste was buckwheat? Well that’s for sure now.

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