Make In India kisses Manipur’s black rice laddoos

On Saturday, seven food products from Manipur were launched as part of the Make In India initiative. These include black rice laddoo, black rice cookies with fruits and nuts, spicy and spicy bhujia, kabok mixture (sweet dish made from flattened rice), Manipuri casava burfi, bamboo shoot murabba and fig laddoo. Although the cuisine of Manipur has no words like murabba and laddoo, it is clear that these products have been redesigned to have wider appeal outside the state; a classic case of the evolution of food.

Prahlad Singh Patel, Union Minister of State for Agribusiness and Jal Shakti, launched them at Imphal. “All over the world, we have a strong demand for Indian products, including those from the northeastern states. Our main concern is to maintain the quality of manufactured items, which is also the expectation of consumers, ”he said in an article published on Hindustan. Times yesterday. The article reports that these foods were produced “under the Incubation Lab project of Manipur Food Industries Corporation Limited (MFICL) in collaboration with TQS Global, Ghaziabad with a budget allocation of ??10 lakh. ‘

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In April 2020, chak-hao, Manipur’s black rice, has obtained a GI label. It is an aromatic sticky rice, native to the state and some regions of the northeast. It is revered for its nutritional properties. Over the past five years, it has been adopted by restaurants like Yazu and Bombay Canteen in Mumbai. Online retail stores, such as For8 and The Northeast Store, have made chak-hao accessible to urban Indian kitchens who source foods known for their nutritional benefits and labels as locally grown and organically produced. Now even Amazon, Food Hall and Godrej Nature’s Basket offer chak-hao.

With the government launch of products infused with this ingredient, it is expected that the native rice variety would benefit from a further boost.

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Patel emphasized the importance of packaging and branding in marketing these items. A PTI article published yesterday reported that labeling and packaging is done in Imphal, Delhi and Mumbai. The article quoted Patel as saying, “The product launch today is the start, we will launch more in the future. “

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