Jack in the Box Introduces Two All New Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

If you thought the competition for the best fast food chicken sandwich was coming to an end, you would be wrong. While few have come close to overthrowing Popeyes’ record-breaking sandwich, nearly a year after Jack in the Box threw his hat in the ring with two brand new chicken sandwiches, the West Coast Burger Slinger is coming out. two even spicier versions of his Cluck Sandwich.

On December 13, the fast food restaurant, known for its eclectic menu of burgers, tacos and fried fries, introduced its Spicy Cluck and Blazin ‘Cluck sandwiches nationwide.

The Spicy Cluck features spicy fried chicken, Jack’s Good Good Sauce, and pickle chips on a toasted brioche bun, while the Blazin ‘Cluck turns the heat up with a spicier version of Jack’s Good Good Sauce and the same. crispy chicken, pickles and brioche bread.

Both sandwiches are available for around $ 5.79 each, although prices may vary from location to location. Of course, if you really want to raise the bar, Jack in the Box has a deluxe upgrade with Swiss-style cheese, onion rings, and strips of bacon thrown on them for a total of $ 7.79.

Until December 24, Jack in the Box is also offering significant giveaways and discounts to its rewards members. Get inexpensive meals, a free chocolate milkshake, double the points, and even 20% off your entire order.

Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.

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