Irving’s new Asian restaurant offers the best Thai-Lao street food

An exciting restaurant combining two glorious Asian cuisines is coming to the Heritage District in Irving: Called The Padaekit opens at 120 S. Main St., where it will serve Thai and Laotian specialties and street food, and it opens in mid-February.

Founders include husband and wife Art and Manee Suttisaragara, both from Thailand; and another couple, Pithananan “Pete” Saosud, who is Thai, and his wife Khonemany “KC” Chanthasone, a chef who is Loatian and is an expert in Lao dishes.

They’ll put together home-style recipes for some of their home country’s spiciest dishes.

According to Saosud, the restaurant takes its name from padaek, a Laotian fermented fish sauce used in Som Tum, the classic papaya salad popular in Thai and Laotian cuisines.

He says the padaek is almost like a secret handshake for the Lao and Thai communities.

“It’s a funny name and we knew it would be a familiar thing for people who like it,” Saosud says. “It’s a fermented food, like pickled radish, and it has a strong smell. You have to keep it in a jar for a month to get that strong flavor. People in the villages, sometimes they only eat rice sticky and padaek.”

They’re still working on their menu, but he says it will be dominated by Lao dishes, combined with the Thai dishes people know best, including pad Thai and pad see eew, a stir-fried dish with wide noodles plates who is a street food vendor. clip.

“We will also make Leng Saeb, a spicy soup with pork bone. It only has a little meat, but it all depends on the flavor of the bone, which is so unique,” ​​he says. “And Thai pancakes, a popular street food if you go to Thailand, but hard to find here.”

The space will be rustic, with beautiful woods to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The location has a history with Thai and Lao cuisine: it previously housed Sapp Sapp Lao & Thai Kitchen, a family restaurant that closed in late 2021, due to the pandemic. This story helped persuade the team behind The Padaek that there was an audience for their restaurant.

They were also encouraged by an initiative by the town of Irving to modernize the old downtown area.

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