Indian Cooking Tips: Prepare a Creamy Makhana Mushroom Curry for a No-Fuss Dinner

When you think of vegetarian dishes, you can’t help but name the paneer dishes exclusively, right? While the paneer is an all-time favorite, it can get a bit repetitive on some days. So, if you’re a vegetarian looking for a simple and delicious veggie dish to complement your lunch and dinner, here’s a creamy and succulent mushroom makhana curry that has a pretty straightforward recipe. The gooey mushrooms and makhana, when cooked together in the richness of milk, cream, butter, and cheese, make this a melt-in-the-mouth curry that you can pair with just about anything.

Soft and gooey mushrooms taste divine with butter and cheese

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This simple and velvety curry is not only delicious but also healthy. Makhanas are known to be excellent antioxidants, and mushrooms are sources of low-calorie protein and fiber. Milk and cheese add more protein to it and make it the go-to dish for nights when you want to treat yourself while keeping the health quotient in mind. Use this creamy Makhana mushroom dish to accompany roti, bread, rice or enjoy it on its own, the variety is endless. That looks interesting? Try making the creamy goodness with the recipe below.

How to Make Creamy Makhana Mushroom Curry l Creamy Makhana Mushroom Curry Recipe:

In a frying pan, heat the butter, add the onions, mushrooms and Makhana and sauté until tender. Add a little flour and milk in batches and continue to stir.

Once all the ingredients are cooked through and soft, add some spices like black pepper or Italian seasonings, grate some cheese on top and serve hot with roast, bread or alongside some noodles.

Click here for the Makhana Creamy Mushroom recipe.

See how simple it was? Let us know how the creamy dish turns out, in the comments below.

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