India does not fund Jeety’s hot meal initiative

-Said the Indian Ambassador

Indian Ambassador to Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea and Liberia Sailas Thangal has dismissed reports that the Indian government has funded the house – free hot meal initiative through which the former consul Honorary General of India in Liberia, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva (M.. Jeety) has fed inmates and less fortunate people over the years.

“I know for sure and there has been a lot of appreciation for the former Honorary Consul General Upjit Singh Sachedeva or Jeety, for his work as a philanthropist, and he does it from his. No Indian government has paid any money for it, ”said Amb. Thangal said at a press conference in Sinkor on Thursday, June 3.

Mr. Thangal explained that when the Indian government has a cash contribution to make to the government of Liberia’s development efforts, that transaction is done directly from government to government, not through Mr. Jeety.

For example, Amb. Thangal recalled that India has provided the Government of Liberia with $ 2 million for the construction of the 14th Military Hospital, which is a bilateral project, and has also provided 45 buses as well as three containers of spare parts.

Amb. Thangal continued that India had also provided five trucks, a container of spare parts and two shipments of medicine to the government of Liberia during the heat of the coronavirus crisis here.

He described the alleged external support allegation as a savage claim that he said he can’t think anyone is saying that, adding “I’m sorry he’s doing it on his own, he’ll stop when he wants to. “.

The Indian ambassador said he was very happy that an Indian compatriot, Mr Sachedeva, did such a good job, “winning many hearts and souls of Liberian brothers and sisters, especially the less fortunate and disadvantaged. “.

While praising Mr. Sachedeva’s free hot meal initiative, Amb. Thangal pointed out that the first basic need of every human being is food, because if you are hungry you cannot reasonably think or work.

In addition, Amb. Thangal clarified that Mr. Sachedeva is not being investigated by the Indian government into allegations of US $ 5 million intended for Indians, explaining that “the Indian government does not pay any money to the Indian government. honorary consul general ”.

According to Amb. Thangal, the payment of US $ 2 million by the Indian government was not made through Jeety, but through the government of Liberia.

Even as Indian Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Liberia, Thangal explained that the Indian government does not pay him money for countries to which he is accredited, saying: “ It is strict from government to government. “

Mr Sachedeva, an Indian businessman, diplomat and philanthropist, has explained here several times that his food distribution initiative came from Jeety Trading Corporation, adding that “we do not receive external or internal support from anyone.”

Through his monthly distribution of home-cooked hot meals to inmates at Monrovia Central Prison, Mr Sachedeva recently said he firmly believes he will be able to inspire one of his fellow businessmen who will think also to help inmates someday.

To that end, he said he and his team from the Jeety Trading Corporation brought home cooked hot meals for more than 1,300 inmates, including rice, kidney beans, chicken, water, juice and cakes.
Mr. Sachedeva’s efforts to forge friendship, cordiality, peace and love between Liberia and India and enormous contributions to the growth of Liberia’s business sector have been recognized by past and present governments. .

The Indian businessman and philanthropist was honored and decorated in April this year by the Liberian authorities with the rank of Knight Grand Commander of the Human Order of African Redemption during a cocktail party held in honor of the members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps here.

At this event on April 23, Mr. Sachedeva renewed his commitment to continue his humanitarian and philanthropic works, even after completing his period of service as Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia. By Winston W. Parley

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