Hiking again, gasoline nears pan-Indian centenary

NEW DELHI: Fuel prices rose again across the country on Friday, adding even more misery to the plight of the common man, as he is already grappling with soaring food prices against a backdrop of declining income.
Gasoline prices have almost hit the turn of the century across the country, extending the reach of historic high prices that had already passed the Rs 100 per liter mark in some towns and villages in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. , Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.
Oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Friday raised the price of gasoline and diesel to between 23 and 30 paisa per liter in the four subways.
As a result, the price of gasoline increased from 27 paisa per liter to Rs 96.93 per liter and that of diesel from 28 paisa per liter to Rs 87.69 per liter in Delhi.
In Mumbai, where the price of gasoline first crossed the Rs 100 mark on May 29, the price of fuel hit a new high of Rs 103.08 per liter on Friday. The price of diesel has also increased in the city by 30 paisa per liter to reach Rs 95.14 per liter, the highest among the subways.
Across the country, gasoline and diesel prices rose on Friday, but their retail prices varied depending on the level of local taxes in different states.
Oil prices on the other two metros have also moved closer to the Rs 100 per liter mark and WTO officials have said if international oil prices continue to strengthen this bar could also be exceeded in d ‘other places by the end of the month.
With Friday’s price hike, fuel prices have now risen for 26 days and have remained unchanged for 23 days since May 1. The 26 increases raised gasoline prices by Rs 6.54 per liter in Delhi. Likewise, diesels have increased by Rs 6.96 per liter in the national capital.
With global crude prices also rising as demand picks up and stocks run out of the world’s largest fuel consumer – the United States, retail fuel prices in India are expected to strengthen further in the next days.
Benchmark Brent crude, which hit a multi-year high of over $ 75 on ICE or Intercontinental Exchange a few days ago, had turned slightly to stay at around $ 73 a barrel currently.

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