Get the food of love this Valentine’s month

It’s Valentine’s month and love is in the air. And we show you how you can turn up the love, with the help of your kitchen. When you prepare a meal for that special someone, you want to include aphrodisiacs, right? So, read on for a list of some exotic and common aphrodisiacs with which you can seduce your partner.


Almonds are probably the best-known aphrodisiacs in India, with badam’s milk being a staple on wedding nights. The aroma of almonds helps increase passion, and it’s also a source of beneficial fatty acids like omega-3s that aid in hormone production.

Ways to use it: Caramelize it or in a smoothie


Whoever thought that apples, a fruit linked to overall health, can also be an aphrodisiac. Well, they are, because they help increase libido, especially in women.

Ways to use it: An apple pie


We either love or hate asparagus. The vegetable is said to be a good source of vitamin E which helps increase blood and oxygen flow to the genitals. It also has high levels of potassium, which leads to increased sexual harmonies.

Ways to use it: Simple roast asparagus with salt, pepper and olive oil with your meal


Who doesn’t love this Gen Z favorite? Avocados have high levels of energy-boosting folic acid and vitamin B9, as well as vitamin B6, which increases testosterone production. This fancy fruit apparently even has an Aztec word that refers to it as testicle.

Ways to use it: which go to a toast


Aside from the phallic similarity of the fruit, bananas are said to be of great help to men. Research suggests they contain an enzyme that increases male libido. High potassium levels increase energy and stimulate sexual harmonies.

Ways to use it: sinful banoffee pie


This love food, famous since Roman antiquity, is a complete sensory treat, because its secret lies in its fragrance. The leafy vegetable helps increase libido. Well, this basil margarita has never been so enticing, has it?

Modes of use: As a topping for your pizza or your pasta


Chocolate, especially the dark variety, is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs. It contains Phenylethylamine, which helps stimulate the nerves and ensures one is energized and happy. The caffeine content also increases stamina.

Ways to use it: Dipping marshmallows, berries or nuts in chocolate


A sprinkle of cinnamon in a hot chocolate or dessert has an exotic appeal. Research indicates that cinnamon is a good source of manganese, which is believed to increase male libido.

Ways to use it: Sprinkle it on a well-made French toast


The caffeine present in coffee is said to increase endurance. It also contains dopamine which is integral in elevating desire and pleasure drives.

Ways to use it: An espresso martini to start your night


Researchers claim that figs are a natural sexual enhancer because they contain high levels of amino acids. It helps to increase sexual stamina and libido.

Ways to use it: Figs are great additions to any salad.


This most sought-after immunity builder is also an aphrodisiac! Ginger helps increase blood flow and circulation, especially to the sex organs.

Ways to use it: A great addition to any stir fry


According to research, honey is one of the best aids to improve libido. This natural sweetener is said to increase sex hormone levels. The nitric oxide it contains helps stimulate the sexual organs.

How to use: Garnish your fruit salad with a generous dose of honey


One of the most exotic aphrodisiacs, oysters have been used in popular media many times. They contain zinc and dopamine. Zinc increases testosterone, while dopamine increases desire.

Ways to use it: Just a little salt and lemon on a platter of oysters works wonders.

Pine nuts

It is a good aphrodisiac for vegans. Just like oysters, pine nuts are also rich in zinc, which helps increase testosterone and libido in men.

Ways to use it: a delicious pesto paste of basil and pine nuts


Strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate are what most sensual stories are made of, and rightly so. This fruit apparently helps to produce sexual harmonies and increase libido.

Ways to use it: Strawberry pie or cheesecake

Sweet potatoes

This root vegetable is said to be a good stimulant, as it increases sexual harmonies in both women and men.

Ways to use it: Mashed sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries


Think exotic and you think truffles. They help to increase his stamina. Also adding to their sensual appeal, the aroma apparently resembles that of male pheromones.

Ways to use: Truffle ravioli or simply truffle oil on fries

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