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The second Covid wave hit the country hard. As millions of people struggle every day for oxygen, treatment and even food, others have found ways to ease the pain and work tirelessly to raise funds to meet needs on the ground.

Such a good deed was done by the nutraceutical brand, Power Gummies, which recently redirected Rs 35.00,000 for the supply of drugs as well as the oxygen refill service to major hospitals in New Delhi. Divij Bajaj, CEO and Founder of Power Gummies, says: “Our products are usually delivered to customers in high quality packaging made in outer boxes and vanities, the cost of which was relatively high due to neon printing and high quality materials used. .

We therefore forgo the outer packaging of our products in order to redirect funds and resources. It is the only way to emerge victorious in these difficult times. The initiative has partnered with various NGOs who diligently serve hospitals and the community at large with oxygen cylinder filling services in the city.

Ten days ago, Museo Camera launched an initiative called “Photographers for Covid Relief”. “My father Aditya Arya and I came up with this idea. We asked nine photographers across India and one from Australia to donate five prints each; 100% of the profits will go to Covid, ”says Mallika Arya, administrator of the India Photo Archive Foundation which launched Museo Camera.

People can log into Mutual Aid India, select a cause from the list to donate, choose the print size of the selected photo, and pay the amount equivalent to the cost of this fundraiser. Arya says, “They have to send us the screenshot of the donation they made, and the museum will cover the printing and shipping costs to send the prints to people.”

However, they only received three to four requests. “The museum is a crowd-funded space, so we understand the value of people’s contribution. We opened in 2019 and received a lot of public support. And that’s our way of giving back. We may not have the financial resources to contribute, but we have a printer to print pictures and we are using our resources to ship to India. But we do not have the resources to ship the prints overseas, so we are asking people who donate from outside India to donate these prints to their loved ones in India. It will put a smile on someone’s face, ”adds Arya.

Body Café, together with the Delhi-based Uday Foundation, has launched an initiative whereby proceeds from the brand’s sales will go to aid Covid through the NGO. “We pledged our income – 80% of our sales – to the Uday Foundation so that the funds could be used for oxygen concentrators, wellness kits and food for the homeless.

We cannot and will not resort to marketing gimmicks and claim that 100% of the profits will be shared as we have some costs which are third party such as logistics, technology and payment gateway costs, overhead for the packing staff. So far the response has been decent, although we would really appreciate it if more users came forward, ”adds co-founder Pooja Karegoudar. They plan to run this campaign until mid-June.

PayTM Insider has also put together a fundraising week that started on Monday. Shreyas Srinivasan, CEO of PayTM Insider, says, “We can have a bigger impact if we come together and talk to our fans. Therefore, we invited all creators to organize events to raise awareness and raise funds. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the chosen charity. Paytm Insider will absorb all streaming costs and internet processing fees for these events. ”

The hope is to raise around Rs 50 lakh throughout the week and fundraise for over 20 NGOs including Hemkunt Foundation, KhaanaChahiye, Theater Dost, Sewa for Artists, Feeding From Far, Friendicoes and a bunch of other causes listed by Donatekart.

“To mark its culmination, an event entitled“ All for One ”, to which more than 50 artists will support, will be organized. We knew not everyone would have the bandwidth to join these initiatives by hosting their own full events, so we developed this event that will include performances, conversations, fun engagements, and quizzes. Fans can donate from Rs 100 and will be rewarded by artists with various commitments, ”adds Srinivasan.

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