From Kulfi to Gulab Jamun: 8 Delicious Indian Desserts You Must Visit

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In India, you will find varied culture, ancient structures and amazing architecture, as well as you can experience delicious and mouthwatering cuisine in different parts of India. Sweet dishes and sweets from India all over love are an important part of the celebration. There are various sweets available in India, from kulfi to gulab jamun. Here we take a look at some delicious Indian desserts, you must meet them.

The scoops of powdered milk are fried in oil until golden brown and served with vanilla ice cream. Gulab jamun is a must-see during festivals in India, especially in northern India.

It is a Bengali candy, although it is popular all over India. The best thing about rasgulla is that it is very healthy compared to other desserts. Rasgulla can be made ahead and refrigerated.

It is without a doubt the best candy made from coconut. It is very sweet and juicy. There are different types of burfi, but the coconut burfi is truly amazing. It is very easy to prepare using three ingredients like condensed milk, grated coconut and sugar.

It’s healthy and nutritious. It is fat and gluten free and mainly served on Diwali. For this recipe, less sugar and ghee or oil is used, and instead various dried fruits can be used.

It is found in all the festivals of northern India. It is made with ripe mangoes, condensed milk, sugar and sago. When garnished with mango, it tastes delicious.

Kulfi is famous among all types of people and it is much appreciated especially during the summer season. Made with condensed milk, sugar and dried fruits of your choice. Mix everything thoroughly and pour it into the Kulfi cone and refrigerate it. Your kulfi is ready.

These were some delicious Indian desserts, as well as peda milk, phirni, shrikhand and gajar ka halwa, which you can enjoy.

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