Food delivery man takes 10 liters at Knifepoint | News from Thane

Thane: Police have launched a manhunt for a food delivery boy who allegedly snuck into an apartment and robbed a family of over Rs 10 lakh including jewelry and cash under threat of a knife in Panchpakhadi on Wednesday.
The complainant was a housewife who lived with her family. At around 12:45 p.m., the boy rang the doorbell, claiming he had come to deliver a package. The complainant and her son denied ordering anything on the delivery app, police said. The accused then insisted that he wanted water, as the victim turned to the kitchen for some, the accused walked through the security door and attempted to overpower the son. The son tried to resist taking the kitchen knife, but he jammed it and the knife flashed on the son, the officer added.
The accused told the woman to hand over all her belongings. The woman saw her son gasp as the accused held his neck tightly and carried a knife. She went inside and brought jewelry and cash and gave them to the accused, the woman told police. Jewelry was worth Rs 5 lakh and cash was almost Rs 5 lakh, and there were two mobile phones.
The boy threatened the woman if she approached the police as he knew she had a daughter going to college and he would send two of his men after her.
One case was registered at the Naupada police station. “We are checking the details and the accused will soon be arrested,” a policeman said.

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