Everything a nutritionist eats in a day.

Now let’s all reread that last line.

“Vegetables can and should be tasty. If adding a little oil and sugar to a dressing or adding noodles helps me fit four or more cups of vegetables into my diet, that’s a major nutritional victory. “

What to nibble a nutritionist.

On the all-important snack front, Lyndi said she had both a sweet and savory snack, depending on how she was feeling.

“Have you ever tried deep fryer tofu crisps? If not, here is your signal to give it a whirl. I’m buying Macro pre-marinated tofu, cut into chunks of ‘crisps’ and air fried until They’re high in protein, delicious, and kids and adults love them. “

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“When I’m on the hunt for something sweet, I add a teaspoon of chocolate drinking powder to plain Greek yogurt as it turns into a healthier, probiotic-filled chocolate pudding.”

What a nutritionist eats for dinner.

For dinner, Lyndi said she focuses on quick and easy staples that are packed with nutritious ingredients that * in fact * taste great.

“Easy one-tray recipes or healthy, balanced meals that are prepared in 20 minutes, that’s who I am. My Portuguese Chicken on a Platter with Brown Rice is a winner. “

“With just 10 minutes of prep work, you let the oven do the rest to cook all the ingredients at once.”

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