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Like other Eargo hearing aids, the Eargo 6 is almost invisible and “floats” inside the ear canal, attached to a barely visible wire for easy removal. According to the company, Eargo hearing aids are the smallest open in-the-ear hearing aids on the market.

Unlike prescription hearing aids, you can order Eargo hearing aids directly from the company without undergoing an audiologist exam. Eargo devices are hearing aids, not to be confused with personal sound amplification products, commonly known as PSAPs, which simply amplify all sounds and also do not require a prescription.

Eargo 6 hearing aids automatically adjust for optimal hearing in noisy environments. This self-adjusting feature allows for better hearing during conversations, in loud restaurants or in other public places. Eargo 6 hearing aids also automatically adjust to help you hear better when talking on the phone or listening to music.

The medical grade silicone petal tips for the Eargo 6 aids are available in two styles. Closed petals reduce feedback and sound leakage. Open petals have less obstruction, providing a more natural listening experience. Closed petals are best for people with low frequency hearing loss, while open petals are best for people with normal low frequency hearing and high frequency hearing loss.

Eargo 6 hearing aids come with the following preset environmental programs that you can start using right away:

  • Restaurant reduces background noises like slamming dishes, chairs scraping on the floor, and conversations from other diners while improving soft-spokenness with your dining companion.
  • Call reduces feedback when the phone is held close to your ear.
  • TV improves the spread and clarity of speech.
  • Meeting optimizes speaking in small groups, such as business meetings, book clubs, and small crowds at social events.
  • Mask increases volume and uses noise reduction to improve hearing clarity when the speaker is wearing a mask.

Eargo 6 and some of Eargo’s other hearing aids also connect to the Eargo app and are compatible with iOS 12 or later and Android 7 or later. With the Eargo app, you can use Eargo’s “sound matching” to customize the hearing preferences of each ear and adjust the volume yourself if needed.

If you are unsure of the level of hearing loss you have in each ear, you can take the hearing screening online at the Eargo website. Screening can give you an idea of ​​whether you have mild to moderate hearing loss. However, this test should not replace a diagnosis or hearing test performed by an audiologist or other hearing health professional.

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