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Drag artist Connie Bathory is delighted to bring her panache to Elephant Thai Restaurant in Nowra for an evening filled with “great food, a game of bingo and amazing prizes”. The Drag Dine & Bingo event was held to celebrate Pride Month and will take place on Friday June 18th. Connie hopes this becomes a recurring event in Nowra. “There is a little drag scene here in Shoalhaven, we have anecdotes at the Bottlerocket Bar that takes place monthly, but was on hiatus due to COVID,” they said. “We’re trying to incorporate more stuff this way.” Outside of flirting, Connie is known as Michael Emmett and is the co-director of Rainbow Underground – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting friendliness, well-being and creative opportunities for queer people in across Illawarra and the south coast. Growing up queer in a regional community, Emmett said a lot had progressed in terms of acceptance, but there was still some way to go for queer visibility. “[Growing up queer] was very, very difficult at the time, ”they said. “I know a lot has changed. But there was a lot of physical and verbal abuse. Lots and lots of bullying, not just from my peers, but from the elderly as well. “It’s also very difficult because there was no visible cultural quirk in this area. So you couldn’t see people who were different without them also being rejected and discriminated against.” But a lot. many things have changed. There are a lot more young homosexuals that you can see moving around and now they are more comfortable. Reflecting on what Pride Month means to them, Emmett said it was a time to celebrate individuality, but also to recognize how much we “Pride month for me is a month where we can show and celebrate who we are as people and how far we’ve come, “they said. “But it is also time for us to be able to recognize how far we have yet to go. There is still a lot of discrimination, legislatively and publicly.” 33% of people who identify as LGBTQI + have experienced verbal abuse in the past. Last 12 months, which is still a pretty staggering statistic. “Trans women of color are still very strongly discriminated against and during this month we must be able to show how far we have come, but not to forget that we still have a lot to do.” Drag Dine and Bingo will be held at Elephant Thai in Nowra on Friday June 18th. The event will start at 7:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at events.humanitix.com/drag-dine-and-bingo. RSVP for the event by Monday, June 14 by messaging Queers Down South on their Facebook or Instagram page. We depend on subscription revenues to support our journalism. If you are able, please register here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.



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