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Kozhikode: Since time immemorial, a healthy lifestyle has always been part of Indian tradition and practice. The irony, however, is that lifestyle-related illnesses have unfortunately become the biggest killer in India. Benign prostatic hyperplasia, like high blood pressure, is becoming more and more prevalent among the country’s geriatric community. Timely diagnosis of BPH is crucial for its treatment. Since the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are often attributed to age, many men choose to ignore the symptoms or postpone treatment to the preliminary stage, claiming that it is not the right age. to be checked.

Although they are diverse disease entities, hypertension and BPH have close associations on some fronts and have therefore become significant public health concerns around the world. Twenty-five percent of men over the age of 60 have high blood pressure and BPH. The close connection between the two is the main reason why urologists order a blood pressure test in patients with BPH and also recommend urine tests in elderly patients with hypertension.

Very often, symptoms worsen in patients with BPH who consume excess water under the pretext that it will “remove” toxic pathogens from the body. The overconsumption of tea and coffee also complicates matters. It’s a fact that two-thirds of men over 40 in the country show symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. A disciplined lifestyle combined with the right medication can effectively curb BPH.

Here are some tips to improve prostate health

»Adjust the daily consumption of water or other liquid to 1.5 to 2 liters. Minor modifications can be made to this practice depending on climate change. Avoid drinking water two hours before going to bed at night or going on a trip.

»Avoid or limit the consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or energy drinks

»Make sure you include five types of fruits or vegetables in your daily diet, in addition to other healthy food options.

»Exercise at least four days a week, averaging 30 minutes of training per day. It is always best to seek the advice of a doctor to plan the exercise program that is right for your body.

»7 to 8 hours of sleep are mandatory.

»Eating a healthy diet, getting the right amount of exercise and rest will not only help control blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol, but also cure constipation. They are also the best corrective measure to ward off the symptoms of BPH.

»Avoid spicy foods to control the urge to urinate frequently.

»Stop smoking and alcohol.

The above practices will undoubtedly help the patient to automatically acquire immunity to the disease. At the same time, it is also important that the person remains vigilant to identify the symptoms and other changes that are occurring in the body. Here are a few to remember:

»Pain in the lower abdomen and too much time to completely empty urine from the bladder.

»Blood or pus in the urine, or a burning sensation when urinating.

»Excruciating pain on the sides of the body.

»Swelling around the eyes and legs


The above symptoms are sufficient reasons to seek immediate medical attention. Because BPH is often confused with stage 1 prostate cancer. The patient should undergo a prostate exam at fixed intervals. As already mentioned, there is a good chance that an elderly person suffers from both BPH and hypertension. Therefore, the patient should seek separate therapies for the two conditions after detailed discussion with a physician. Any delay in taking BPH treatment will complicate the situation, causing the patient to incur huge medical expenses.

(The author is professor and head of the department of urology at Kozhikode Medical College and laparoscopic surgeon and kidney transplant andrologist)

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