David Archuleta has a message for ‘disappointed’ haters

David Archuleta took to Instagram to talk about people finding reason to be “disappointed” in him. He asks why, but quickly answers his own question. These people are really bummed because he came out as LGBTQ last year.

“Why are people triggered by the fact that I have red lips?”

“Why are people triggered by the fact that I have red lips?? David captioned a photo from a conversation he had on social media. David’s lips appeared pinkish/red in a video and he explained that spicy lips made his lips red.”Do chile flakes do that? asked one person. “I’m so disappointed.”

David asks why the person is disappointed. “That my lips react after eating spicy food and I can’t do anything about it? What would lipstick do to disappoint you anyway? It’s not my thing personally, but someone who wears it shouldn’t “disappoint” anyone.

“Lipstick doesn’t suit you,” the person replied.

The American Idol Season 7 alum went on to describe his frustration with people seemingly “disappointed” with his June release.

“People look for reasons to be upset or ‘disappointed'”

“I find it interesting that people look to me for reasons to be upset or ‘disappointed’ (a word that’s been used more frequently to me lately) for things like this. I was not wearing lipstick. So why is this assumption made? »

David continued: “Another example is when I posted photos of myself in my costume in Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dream Coat. Joseph’s coat of many colors. Several people used the word “disappointed”. And even more things have been said.

Currently, David stars in the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical production, playing at the Tuacahn in Utah.

David explains: “I just feel like these kinds of comments I’ve been getting lately reflect people’s attitude towards something else about me and maybe that’s how it comes out. He doesn’t think it has anything to do with his actions. .

“They associate things with my coming out last year and want to justify their feeling of disappointment”

“Assuming I wear lipstick. Upset that Joseph’s coat is technicolor. What does it look like? David asks. “On the contrary, they associate things with my coming out last year and want to justify their feelings of disappointment that they felt for me for my coming out. Not for what I do. Because the reasons for which they saying they are disappointed is not a reason to be upset or disappointed with someone.

David took to social media last June to share that he is LGBTQI+. Over the past year, he’s been open with his fans as he navigates his feelings. Last December, he revealed that he realized he would rather be with a man than a woman. He expressed frustration that the church could not accept his choosing to be with a man.

“Yes, I’m Queer…Why do these things upset people?”

David wants to know “why do these things upset people? Why would they be disappointed that I’m wearing a rainbow coat? Or for thinking I had lipstick on? Because you can associate these things with LGBT things, right? »

“My coat is my suit. My lips were red from eating spicy food.

“These things may not be LGBT related, but yes, I am queer.” he writes. “The difference between before a year ago and now is just a public known part of my life…and I’m still living my life [as] I always knew how to do it. David continues, “But I feel sad when people look for reasons not to like me because of it. I don’t think anyone should be hated for being gay. I hope that I will still show that I am me as I have always been!

“People expect me to be a different person now”

“I think the assumption is that people who come out expect me to be a different person now. Or be evil for some reason?” David explains that people hide who they are so they don’t get misunderstood or judged.” I hope you know that LGBT+ people aren’t bad. And a lot more people around you than you might realize, but because of bias…may just keep it to themselves so they don’t get misjudged for it.

David hopes fans will understand him a little better a year later. “You know a little more about me. You know I’m queer and the difficulty I’ve had coming to terms with myself about it. He wants to be a “sincere” person. He says, “I’m still growing and learning about myself (as we all are). And I share that journey of what I learn, whether it’s through my music or just other platforms.

David doesn’t try to put ‘my homosexuality in their face’

David is frustrated. “I… don’t like being judged and let down by people who think I’m ‘showing them my homosexuality’ when they interpret it that way instead.” He writes: “I am simply me. Yes I’m a fag. But I’m not trying to make you queer or gay, just to see parts of my life. Watching people with their straight lives didn’t make me detroit lol. (And I really tried hard).”

David does not mean to be offensive (an aside: if people are offended, that’s their problem, not yours! continue to be yourself!) He only shares this part of himself “from time to time” as he shares all the other parts of his life. “Whether it be my family, my career, my childhood, my hobbies, my beliefs, my time as a missionary, etc. And now be queer. I just don’t want to feel like I have to keep secrets for fear of what people think of me.

“Doing this scares me of myself thinking I’ll be rejected by people for being myself,” David admits. “And those who misunderstand what it means to be LGBT. Probably where all this reaction came from to begin with.

“I was so afraid to be fair!”

“Also, the reason why I think it’s important to talk about it is that a lot of people are afraid of being gay, or homosexuals!” David adds: “Which makes people like me who are gay or LGBT who grew up around this language even afraid to exist!”

“I was so scared to be! Live! To exist! And it wasn’t until I wanted to be compassionate about myself and learn more about being gay or LGBT that I stopped being so afraid of myself. That I wasn’t flawed or bad (like I’ve felt my whole life, no matter how bad everyone thought I was because I kept it inside) and I just needed ‘now reach that part of me and love it.

David concludes: “That’s why I chose to talk about it. To help people who may misunderstand like I once did to see it with a different perspective. Which is fair from my point of view I guess lol. :). That’s all.”

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