COVID-19: The role of alkaline foods in recovery and prevention

Other foods that have alkalinity, as well as nutrients densely packed in them, are gooseberries, moringa leaves, avocado, berries, leafy greens, quinoa, olives, and nuts, among others. An acidic body, besides inviting disease, “will also harbor an acidic mind, which is a pre-angry mind, filled with suspicion, selfishness, feelings of superiority, forgetting earthly synchronicity and nurturing a false ego. and pride. An acidic mind is unable to listen to what Mother Earth is telling us, “writes Koshy.” An alkaline body is disease free, free from lifestyle diseases. No cancerous changes can occur in an alkaline body. Alkalinity allows the body to follow the circadian rhythm of It also nourishes an alkaline mind which is a calm and inclusive mind, able to listen to Mother Earth, and appreciates its magnificence, ”says the author. Dr Eapen Koshy received his MBBS and Masters in General Surgery from Christian Medical College, Vellore, India; NB Dip in General Surgery and FRCS Fellowship from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. He has also published extensively on plastic surgery in a number of publications. He advocates living with nature and believes in a drug-free world. He is also a marathon runner, a yogi and an avid bridge player. (Image: istock)

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